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Jun 19, 2019 12:03:12 AM

How Often Should You Wash Your Hair

As we all know, the hair can be lackluster, smelly, or even worse if you do fewer washes. However, over-shampooing your hair can cause your hair to become dry and break. So, we should consider the factors which influence you to have to wash your hair.


The Factors to You Have To Wash Your Hair

How often you should wash your natural wave hair depends on quite a few factors. The basic answer, you should wash it once it’s oily and feels unclean to the touch. Oil is the biggest culprit behind the “dirty” hair we considered. It can leave hair limp and clumpy. Except that, for physical dirt, gardening, cleaning, and other messy tasks may cause for a wash. Dirt, dust, and pollen all can get trapped on the hair. It will make your hair look dull. Finally, you should wash off styling products. That is because styling products can build up on your hair and scalp and lead to irritation and damage. 


How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?

Most people don’t need to wash their hair daily, or even every other day. You should only be washing your Remy hair 2–3 times a week. However, if your hair is Jerry curly hair or wavy, washing your hair once a week is perfect. Straight human hair and thin hair needs to be washed more frequently than curly or wavy hair. Because straight hair is easily coated by sebum, which means it looks greasy much faster. Thick, wavy, or curly hair tends to be dry since the oil doesn’t coat the strands as easily.


In fact, there’s no right or wrong answer to “how often should you wash your hair.” Your hair is as unique as you are, so the right hair-washing frequency depends entirely on your individual needs.


Washing hair once a week is absolutely fine. Maybe your hair is naturally oily, you exercise a lot, you use lots of hair products or your environment demands regular hair cleansing. You will find that, there are a number of different things you need to take into account when trying to decide on a specific hair-washing schedule. We can’t tell you how often you should be washing your hair, but you might want to think about your day to day activities.