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How Many Bundles of Weave Do You Need?

Tuesday, April 16, 2019 12:56:10 AM America/Los_Angeles

Do you want to waste your money on hair? If not, please follow me to get some tips to make sure you will get perfect hair for yourself .For this,the most important thing is that how many bundles you will need for your desired look.

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From Daily Washing Care To Deep Condition

Sunday, April 14, 2019 7:15:30 PM America/Los_Angeles

The best professional stylist couldn’t make perfect curl and surprising color without excellent Virgin hair bundles. Here, aiming to keep Straight hair weave healthy and beautiful, we talk how to care Brazilian hair bundles from daily washing to deep condition.

Daily Washing Care:

1, avoiding using high temperature water to wash Brazilian straight hair

2, we could use hair mask as daily hair condition if income could support the cost, although there is slowly effective after we insist to use it about 2-3 months, the result will be more stable, it’s way to change Long straight hairstyles hair texture if hair has withered, forky and other problem.

3, after finishing washing, using towel to scrub Virgin hair bundles, not rub

4, using conditioner to cover the Brazilian straight hair ending before dry it by hair drier.

5, be carefully to control hair drier temperature, avoiding it’s too high, also keeping the hair in 70%-80% dryness, not 100% dryness

6, using without washing conditioner essence to smear ending of Straight hair weave in every morning and night.

Deep condition:

Generally, hair deep condition is called to “making hair mask”, it’s not obviously produce good changing even you do hair mask every week, the professional ways along with hard work will get better result, there are important and professional notifications about hair mask. Firstly, the suitable temperature is more important than time controlling, that’s why hair stylist always heat Virgin hair bundles in deep condition hair processing. When temperature is controlling in good condition, hair cuticle will be opened status, then lots of energy will be received by hair, and it’s easily to optimized hair inside instruction.

So if we do it by ourselves home, on one hand, please ware thick shower cap with strong keeping warm function, on the other hand, the time controlling we said in previous words is vital, as we all know, short time is not enough, but longer than usual is bad to hair texture. Normally, on the heating situation, the best time frame is 15-20 minutes; if we only ware shower cap, 30 minutes will be fine. Once time is too long, hair will be oiled, even there will produce dander.

Hair care is aimed to make hair getting and keeping energy, meanwhile, there will produce a protective layer to protect hair texture from damage, all the works to keep hair soft, bounce and shine. As selecting different skin protection according to skin types, we need to choose different hair protection product per hair damaged degree. Dry and sensitive hair should use high protein and moisture type condition production; such as protein conditioning milk, it could be used as daily product. But if the hair is extremely tangled and dry, it’s time to use hair mask conditioning hair, hair mask would nourish hair deeply and repair damaged hair texture, there is possible to make hair be reversed back into original good condition.

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Why Choose The Brazilian Deep Wave?

Wednesday, April 10, 2019 3:35:11 AM America/Los_Angeles

As we know the long hair can help you enhance the beauty,A good hair style can also improve your temperament and make you look impressive,now in the market there are many kinds of virgin hair and different style,today we recommend the Brazilian deep wave.

Brazilian Virgin hair is the favorite hair type among the kind of human hair weaves.Because it gets the most offers a luxuriously soft, low maintenance and the texture blends seamlessly with most hair types.As Virgin hair refers to the hair ponytail cut as the whole from hair donors. All hair cuticles are aligned in the same direction. It is not easy to tangle

Brazilian virgin hair weave comprise thick and strong strands that do not break easily. The strands are flexible, and their volume remains constant. By using Brazilian virgin hair extensions, you can easily comb through the lengths without fearing tangling or excessive shedding.Brazilian virgin hair extensions are shipped in its natural color and are not dyed with chemicals. Which not only look natural but also give amazing results.

Brazilian Weave is one of the best textures which is very full and very thick, they hold curls even better.Due to the look and feel of Brazilian hair, this type is very popular,

The deep wave bundles have the natural waves in the ‘S’ pattern. Therefore, they look as natural as they can. In fact, people can find it difficult to distinguish the hair weaves from the natural hair.

The advantage with the deep wave sew in is that it is flexible and can blend with any type of hair in the world. It comes in a clip thereby enabling you to clip it on to your hair. These features make it truly attractive.

Brazilian deep wave bundles texture flows are smooth waves but they are much deeper than body wave and that results in tighter curls. Brazilian deep wave hairstyles is a great texture that looks really luxurious and boosts your hair.which is the most versatile choice in the market. It is heavy and coarse, and it is great to choose this hair if you want thick and bouncy hair. This type of Brazilian hair is durable. It remains soft and curly for a long duration of time with little maintenance.

Last but not least, proper maintenance is paramount. West Kiss Hair deep wave hair weave is sleek, shiny and has an extremely luxurious feel. Our hair provides a perfect natural-looking and feels once installed. However, with proper care and maintenance, you can keep this look as long as you demand .

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Difference Between 360 Lace Frontal And Full Lace Wigs

Friday, March 22, 2019 5:47:18 PM America/Los_Angeles

What Is 360 Lace Wig
The 360 lace wig is different. This one you’ll choose if you want to look really glamorous. You can add as many bundles as you wish, but normally two is standard and four the maximum. It is much thicker than the Human Hair Wigs and is used to its utmost effect when you want to look sexy, high-powered, and sophisticated.

As far as sizes go, the 360 is a one-size-fits-all base, and it works well because of all the tumblers of Brazilian Hair that are involved. It’s easy to customize and get it all back together. If the cap is too big, you can always cut it from the back and then place the bundles on it.

These wigs have a bigger parting on the cap, allowing for a more natural look. With a 360 Lace Frontal, it’s deemed the best for women and, as said, you can really go to town here. It must also be remembered that 360 lace wigs can be used for people suffering from hair loss, alopecia, and balding. You can personally decide where to enrich your kinky straight hair, so it covers the hairless area.

What Is Full Lace Wig
Okay, so you want to become a wig diva – and right off the top, you want to know what the difference is between a 360 frontal lace wig and a full lace wig.Your girlfriends have been talkin’ about all sorts of hair stuff, and you’re just getting into it, so you have to know the basic, right? Right!

So, basically, the full lace wig, is more of a pretty, girl next door kind of look. You want to look as fresh as a flower in spring? Go for the full lace wig. It’s simple but still sensational. The great point about full lace wigs is that parting is a piece of cake. Whether you want a middle parting, side parting, a middle and side parting, or a pony tail, you’ll find that versatility is the key here.

What you will find with lace, and it’s important to remember this, is that it sheds. This is from mostly manipulating the hair, and coloring it. This could be a bit of a problem with a full lace wig. With the 360 frontals, you could have up to four bundles on the lace, so it’s easier to take off and add. With the full lace wig, no bundles are added.

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Why Do Many Customers Choose Brazilian Hair

Friday, March 15, 2019 2:23:45 AM America/Los_Angeles

Long hair can help you enhance your beauty and appearance. Not only for this reason, it is becoming more and more popular in modern society.So, the human hair?industry is growing up and becoming globalization now.However, what should you do if you have short hair? Now, you don't need to worry about it for you can try using Brazilian Hair to enjoy long locks. Within a few minutes, hair extensions can help you get the desired look with ease. By using hair extensions, you can easily get any stylish look like wavy, curly, or straight as you like. And, according to a survey, we find that Human Hair Wigs is the most expensive and the most popular one now, and its popularity has surged over the years.

Virgin Brazilian human hair is the favorite hair type among the kind of hair weaves.Because it gets the most offers a luxuriously soft, low maintenance and the texture blends seamlessly with most hair types.

Typically, Brazilian Hair Weave is collected from donors in the South American region. Most of the donors come from small, rural places within Brazil, where the donors are paid for growing and then donating strong, healthy hair.

Brazilian virgin hair extensions comprise thick and strong strands that do not break easily. The strands are flexible, and their volume remains constant. By using Brazilian virgin hair extensions, you can easily comb through the lengths without fearing tangling or excessive shedding.Brazilian virgin hair extensions are shipped in its natural color and are not dyed with chemicals. Brazilian virgin hair extensions not only look natural but also give amazing results.And the Brazilian virgin not overly soft, better to keep the hair pattern.

Due to the look and feel of Brazilian hair, this type is very popular in western Africa. Over the last several years, it has become well known across Europe and North America. Many are choosing Brazilian hair for the way it looks, feels, and reacts to a broad range of styles and products. Women and men around the world are deciding that Brazilian hair is the best way to go.

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What Type Of Human Hair Weave Is The Best

Friday, February 22, 2019 4:17:36 PM America/Los_Angeles

What type of Human Hair Weave is the best? At present, virgin hair is the best human hair,and it is also the most trustworthy. It is raw, healthy hair. Knowing which product is best for your needs is the first step in expanding your hairstyle. Because choosing the right hair style is very important.

We all have different hair types and choosing the right one for you is important as it will determine how the Brazilian Hair will feel and look.

4 Different Virgin Human Hair Type For You

1.Brazilian Human Hair Weave
Brazilian hair is one of the best textures for African American women. The texture is very full, very thick and just flat out fabulous.With its Loose Wave Hair, less is more, resulting in an often more economical choice.Brazilian hair extensions are more coarse than Indian and because of that, they hold curls even better. The coarseness also helps the hair blend well with the texture of women of African descent.If you want straight hair, India is a better choice.

2.Peruvian Human Hair Weave
Peruvian hair is sought after quite a bit because of its multi-purpose texture.Peruvian hair can require less bundles to give a strong, full body look.Although it’s coarser and thicker than Malaysian or Brazilian hair,and also blends well with most hair textures.

3.Malaysian Human Hair Weave
Malaysian hair is very soft. It blends best with relaxed textures and girls with very fine, silky hair.Swell or curl in a humid environment, making it less expensive to maintain.

4.Indian Human Hair Weave
Due to its high density, the hair is ventilated, light, easy to design and versatile. It requires minimal styling and blends perfectly with other hair textures.It is dense and a good match for the texture of black women's hair.

After washing indian hair it usually goes quite wavy which gives amazing natural volume and texture, Indian hair can be used by all hair types as it can be easily manipulated from very straight to very wavy.

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How To Choose Human Hair Weave At Affordable Price

Friday, February 15, 2019 7:03:47 PM America/Los_Angeles

In the hair extension market, there are so many human hair extensions for your choice. Faced with so many choices, you are bewildered and also have to spend much time and energy to get what you pay. Here I will teach you how to choose the good quality but also cheap Brazilian Hair.

How to judge the hair quality?
Usually we can see many merchants mark their human hair as Grade 8A, 9A for the quality reference. In fact, the quality grade doesn’t have the strict uniform criteria. The quality grade is only named by the merchant itself. To judge the human hair good or not, you should consider 3 factors simply.

1. What is the texture of the human hair?
Generally speaking, Brazilian Hair Weave can be divided into virgin hair, remy hair and non-remy hair from the human hair source. Virgin hair are best, remy hair is better, and non-remy hair is worst.

Virgin hair refers to the hair ponytail cut as the whole from hair donors. All hair cuticles are aligned in the same direction. It is not easy to tangle.

Remy hair can be the hair partly cut from the donor and the cuticles can be manually adjusted in the same direction. It is also not easy to tangle.

Non-remy hair is easy to tangle due to the disorder cuticles direction.

2. How is the hair proportion?
Usually when we purchase a 16 inch hair bundle, we will find not all the Body Wave Hair length is 16 inch. If you have to complain this to the customer service, I have to say you know nothing about the hair weave. Every hair weave has its hair range and proportion in order to make the most real and layer feeling.

Here the hair proportion refers to the long, medium and short hair proportion in the hair bundle you buy. Too much proportion of the main length will result in no sense of the natural hair layers. And too little proportion of the main length will result in your hair sparse and not full. Generally speaking, the main hair length will occupy in 20%~35%.

3. Where the hair comes from?
As we all know, Indian and Brazilian hair is soft and has some mini natural curls in the texture. Many women would like this. And Malaysian and Peruvian hair is also good hair texture source and they are easy to style.

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The Beauty of Human Hair Wig

Wednesday, January 30, 2019 1:16:05 AM America/Los_Angeles

Usually the straightforward fact that you choose to use a wig may just be solely a stylish statement or maybe because you are having medication and therapy that has generated premature hair loss. It does not matter – you will find out that there’s a number of alternatives on the market such as real human hair wigs, not only do they come in most sizes and shapes, they are cheap real hair wigs that change in selling price with great price. So to help you select the right human hair wig for you personally, we’ve organized some principles beneath.

The most effective option you should always try and reach is obviously the real human hair wigs, usually produced from top quality; they have a very natural feel and are generally of prime quality. This option of a real human hair wig is an excellent replacement. Because of the top quality of the human hair used, the wigs are treated as real hair, hot styling tools for instance, straighteners, curlers, and blow drying are OK on this hairpiece.

One more option is the curly human hair wigs. These kinds of wigs can be found in all lengths, colors, shades, think about party hairpieces whenever you think about affordable wigs. The look and feels are so great. Spoil yourself and get the real curly human hair wig.

Another option available on the market is the affordable lace front wigs. The feel and look are good since the cap used with this type of wig is exceedingly thin and sits well on the scalp to allow comfort in addition to a fantastic looking hairpiece. So if you’re not on a large budget, this is a beneficial to enjoy the real human hair wig.

You would like your wig to seem like it’s your individual hair not merely been placed on your head without thought, so I would stay clear of this choice, unless its fancy dress ideas. My estimation is to always select what you can afford, therefore real human hair wig then is good for you, affordable lace front wigs will compliment everyone’s needs, just take your time make your options and opt for what suits you.


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Why We Need Brazilian Virgin Hair

Monday, January 21, 2019 7:38:57 PM America/Los_Angeles

How long do you change your hairstyle ?
I once read one story, it’s very short but impressional, and there are many different comments to the story and actions of story’s roles. Now I don’t know exact date when I read it, even forget little girl’s name in the story, but the topic still is markable. The little girl is Chinese who about 10 years old student live with her family members in NY, in early time of immigrant, she like an dumb little poor dog without any friend in her school, it’s no strange. The little girl become more and more shy, even be autism. Up to little girl’s mother find the bad situation.

From an usual Monday, the little girl is required to wear the Chinese traditional clothes with mother hand make pigtail what is made of Brazilian Hair Bundles. Everything is changing, the expression of old driver school bus is softer instead of hard and cold, the sunshine is warmer, the classmates are easygoing, and she become more and more confident and optimistic.

Like this kind story, it’s very normal, even little boring, since we should have listened at least thousands similar samples, bad begining always has a good ending if the leading character is normal, especially the story’s creator as well. such as Forrest Gump, it’s a common human’s story but good, even excellent. Since mostly people is common. there is no completely same leaves in the world, the completely different too. Common is character, the singularity as well. We could keep going in the way that daily work, same food, 8 hours sleeping time and a natural hair style.

And we could change the common life and the stable hair style that you never changing from bored. As for the fear of the chemical would be unhealthy, the Brazilian virgin hair would be a good sister/bother of your natural hair; forget the tears in the story that stylist destroy your hairstyle by careless, the Brazilian hair weave would give your more options about the hairstyle.
So, why we need Brazilian virgin hair ?

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The Peruvian human hair

Monday, January 14, 2019 1:16:03 AM America/Los_Angeles

Nowdays, the mainly several popular human hair types in world are Brazilian Virgin Hair, Malaysian Virgin Hair and Peruvian Virgin Hair.

Regarding Peru, it is a country in western South America. It is bordered in the north by Ecuador and Colombia, in the east by Brazil, in the southeast by Bolivia, in the south by Chile, and in the west by the Pacific Ocean. Peru is a biodiverse country with habitats ranging from the arid plains of the Pacific coastal region in the west to the peaks of the Andes mountains vertically extending from the north to the southeast of the country to the tropical Amazon Basin rainforest in the east with the Amazon river. Services account for 53% of Peruvian gross domestic product, followed by manufacturing (22.3%), extractive industries (15%), and taxes (9.7%).Recent economic growth has been fueled by macroeconomic stability, improved terms of trade, and rising investment and consumption. Trade is expected to increase further after the implementation of a free trade agreement with the United States signed on 12 April 2006. Peru's main exports are copper, gold, zinc, textiles, and fish meal; its major trade partners are the United States, China, Brazil, and Chile.

Excpet Peruvian normal products, such as ore and fishes, the arts, crafts and Pervian Virgin hair is famous export product, especially the Pervian Hair Bundles, it’s very popular among countries female.

Peruvian virgun hair has many styles, of courese , the Peruvian straight hair is most popular, like all the other types straight hair, it seems that the straight hair always is the queen of trangle top. Also the Peruvian boday wave hair is more acceptale than other overdone hairstyles, such as Peruvian loose wave, curly wave and deep wave hair.

There seems no visiable reason that Peruvian virgin hair is better, maybe the high iodine of they food, after all Peru has the famous fisheries---Peru's fisheries.

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