May 6, 2019 12:20:12 AM

How to Keep Your Human Hair Wig From Tangles

Whether you wear your wig every day or just for a special occasion, human hair wigs are always easy to have knots, especially for longer hair and curly wave pattern hair. So let’s learn some tips to keep your wig away from tangles.

1.Use good hair care products

Using the right hair care products will make your human hair wig soft and manageable. The quality of the hair products you use will change the quality of wigs. There are two ingredients you need to avoid when you choose hair products. One is alcohol, which will make your hair dry and easy to tangle. Another is sulfate, it will cause your hair shed and the quality will go bad. Selecting hair products that contain some natural ingredients such as silk protein and saturated fatty acids or those specifically designed for tangled hair. Most important, use hair products contain moisturizing ingredient to keep your hair hydrating, as dry human hair wig is easy to get tangles.

2.Do a Intensive hair care once a week

Do a Intensive hair care once a week, even just for 20 minutes, which will improve the condition of your hair helpfully. Use moisturize hair mask to keep the hair storing moisture and nutrients and make the hair silky, shiny, healthy, and less prone to tangle.

3.Use hot tools less

It can be a pretty tough challenge to overcome, but if you've been blow-drying, straightening or curling your wig, imagine how dry and dull will the hair be! We already know that dry hair is more prone to tangles. After washing your hair, allow it to air-dry so the hair will stay smooth & manageable. Blow drying the hair will make it frizz and feel hard and stiff. If you cannot live without your hot tools, we recommend that you use your hot tool at least at a low to medium temperature setting and always use heat proof hair products before styling.

4.Do not swim with your human hair wig

To prevent tangles, it’s better to wear a swimming cap so your wig will not get too much chlorine from a swimming pool or salt water from the sea. Do not braid hair or wear a ponytail because those styles tend to trap excess chlorine & salt water.

5.Do not wear your wig while sleeping

When you sleep, remove your wig. If you wear wig when sleeping, the hair will be tangle as it will rub against the pillow. Or you can wrap the hair with a scarf before sleeping that would be much better.

We sincerely hope that our suggestions will make it easier for you to keep your human hair wigs from tangles and ensure your wigs can last longer time. Have you got the tips? And do you have other good ideas? Please share with us and comment below!

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