Enhance Your Beauty With Burgundy Lace wig

Jun 19, 2022 7:09:42 PM

Enhance Your Beauty With Burgundy Lace wig

Are you tired of the classic black hair in this hot summer? Do you want to attract people's attention by changing your hairstyle and color? Burgundy color is one of the most popular hair colors this year. You must not miss the Burgundy lace wig. Today, let's learn about Burgundy lace wigs.

What Is Burgundy Color Looks Like?

Burgundy is a dark red with purple color, which comes from the color of French Burgundy wine. Later, people gradually began to use "Burgundy" as the color name.

Burgundy wigs

What Skin Color Is Suitable For Burgundy?

Burgundy is widely used for dyeing dark hair. It is suitable for girls of any skin color.

People with fair or chocolate skin can wear Burgundy human lace front wigs. This noble hue can brighten your complexion. We don't need to worry that this color doesn't match your skin color. You can see that many celebrities wear this color wig on many occasions. It's very beautiful and attracts people's attention. This color is very popular. Try this Burgundy wig, you will like it.

Why Try a Burgundy Lace Wig?

What does the mention of Burgundy remind you of? A glass of red wine? Or a gorgeous and sexy Burgundy dress? No matter what it is, it will remind people of some beautiful things. This vibrant summer color also brings people a good mood and makes life more colorful. Burgundy's hair color can match any skin color well, so it is also widely used in many types of wigs. For example, a 13x4 lace frontal wig, you can use to make free part of the hair. It has very good air permeability and naturalness.

How To Maintain a Burgundy Lace Wig?

1. To better maintain your Burgundy wig and prevent it from fading, you need to use wig-specific shampoo and conditioner.

In addition, don't wash wigs often. We recommend cleaning and nursing every 6-8 times. Because people's hair needs to be hydrated, it's best to apply deep conditioner every other time. It is recommended to use any conditioner that can moisturize and deeply repair, prolong the shampoo interval, and let the hair retain more natural oil. Frequent shampooing can affect the color-treated hair, causing it to darken and fade faster It is recommended to use hair oil and essence at the end of the hair before drying and heating set to keep the hair soft and not tangled. When cleaning, do not twist and rub with your hands to avoid damage to your hair. We need to treat your wig gently to prolong its life in daily life.

2. Try to reduce the long-term exposure of wigs to strong sunlight, such as wearing hats.

Long-term exposure to wigs under the sun and excessive ultraviolet radiation will make the hair turn orange or red. This process is oxidation. Oxidation is a normal process, which can occur in both human wigs and chemical fiber wigs.

However, this is a step-by-step process, which does not mean that your hair will be oxidized directly after exposure to the sun, but your hair color will gradually change after a month of sunshine. Therefore, when you like to stay outdoors for a long time or exercise, you must do a good job with sunscreen and use anti-ultraviolet washing and protection products to avoid oxidation of hair color and early aging.

3. It's best not to scald and dye too often.

Wig has no hair follicle to transport nutrition for repair.

At ordinary times, it is recommended to use professional wig care products to supplement nutrition for hair and restore the luster and softness of hair

Some people like to spray gel, mousse, gel water, etc. when cleaning the wig, these substances must completely wash the residual gum. If these gums remain for a long time, they will damage the hairnet and shorten the service life of the wig.

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