Why Should We Choose Human Hair Wigs?

Jun 12, 2022 7:01:59 PM

Why Should We Choose Human Hair Wigs?

As we all know, nowadays wearing a human hair wig is becoming more and more popular. Most wig beginners, are always asked: which is better, human hair wigs or synthetic wigs? And senior wearers normally will recommend choosing human hair wigs. Wearing the human hair lace wig is such a big investment because it is more expensive than a synthetic hair wig. But why should we wear human hair lace wigs even with higher prices? Today we will tell you the reasons.

About A Synthetic Hair Wig

Synthetic hair wigs consist of man-made fibers which are much more durable than real human hair and there is no keratin in synthetic hair. The man-made polymers used to create synthetic hair are often paired with plastics. When it comes to what synthetic hair is made from, you should know that various types of plastics can be used to produce synthetic hair.

When we talked about synthetic hair lace front wigs, the first thing we thought is the price. Yes, synthetic hair wigs are much cheaper than human hair lace wigs and synthetic hair wigs are pre-styled to keep the shapes after washing. But synthetic hair wigs are not heat resistant, in most cases, you can’t use any heated appliances or the hair may melt. Because the wigs are pre-styled, you cannot change the texture or style. A static problem will be developed in the synthetic hair, which may cause hair ends to frizz, the hair will tangle and become unmanageable. More than anything, synthetic hair wigs may hurt our skin if we are allergic to some plastics.

About A Human Hair Wig

Human hair lace wigs, as the name suggests, are made from real human hair. From West Kiss Hair store, you can buy 100% human virgin hair cheap lace front wigs, or lace closure wigs. A human hair wig will look and feel more real than our hair.

Human Hair Wig

Advantages Of Human Hair Wigs

1. Look Real.

Because human hair wigs are composed of real natural hair, you don’t need to worry about the reality after you wear them, and a hairstylist will help to install them as naturally as your hair.

2. Long Service Life

Wearing a human hair wig is much more comfortable than wearing a synthetic wig in that human hair is soft. Normally, a human hair lace wig needs to be replaced after one year to 1.5 years, and the human hair lace front wig can even last 2 years if it is well maintained. However, we do not suggest you go to the pool or ocean with your hair. On average, a synthetic hair wig can be used only for about 8 months to 1 year.

3. Can Be Customized According To Customers’ Demands

Human hair lace wigs can be customized to fit our scalp and can be treated as our hair, by adding color e.g. highlights or lowlights. Human hair is easier to customize with regular cutting techniques to suit our face shape.

There are more advantages of human hair wigs, not only including the advantages listed above, here is a tautology.

We recommend human hair lace wigs because of lots of advantages. If you are interested, please come here. From West Kiss Hair, you can order 100% human hair wigs with different textures, colors, lengths, and densities. We have sold hair for over decades with high quality and good reputation, come and place an order today!