How To Wash And Maintain Highlight Wigs?

Jun 4, 2022 6:24:18 PM

How To Wash And Maintain Highlight Wigs?

With the changing trend, people turn their attention to hair. Monotony, natural hair is considered an outdated trend. You may have noticed that when anyone wants to make a new change in appearance or experience emotional ups and downs, the first thing they do is change their hairdo, get a dramatic haircut, or dye their hair into a fashionable color.

One of the most popular and favorite hair dyeing trends is to highlight hair color. It refers to hair dyed in at least two colors. This is a new updated look, making the whole hair look quite fashionable and attractive. The highlighted look is all the modes. And everyone will choose the highlighted hair color transformation instead of using a more comprehensive single hair dye.

The process of brightening hair is more than simple. Initially, use a strong substance (such as bleach) to remove the natural dark color of the hair, and then use the selected colored dye to obtain the desired appearance. This process can cause considerable trauma to the hair because, during bleaching, the hair stem will be damaged and may lead to dry, fragile, and curly hair. That's why people dislike brightening natural hair but choose to brighten wigs or dye wigs with brightened colors

Since wigs are also vulnerable to damage due to frequent dyeing or increased brightness, it is recommended to take better care of them to prolong their use time. Let's look at how to maintain your highlight wig with ease.

highlight wig

Combing Your Wig:

First, scrub your wig with a comb, preferably a wide-tooth comb, to remove any knots and make your hair thinner. You must be very careful lest breaking or damaging the wig.

Washing Your Wig With Shampoo:

Wash the human hair colored wigs with warm water. Avoid washing the wig with hot water, because it will damage the cuticle of the outermost layer of the hair. If this layer is damaged, the wig will become dry and fragile. Therefore, warm water is a good choice for cleaning highlight wigs. Rinse your wig with warm water to make it completely saturated with water.

The next step is to use a good and tested sulfate-free shampoo on your wig. Don't use convention shampoo, because sulfate shampoo will fade your hair and cause serious oxidation, accelerating the drying of hair. Sulfate-free shampoo is mild and can maintain the color of hair. Wash your hair gently and massage downward. Then, rinse the shampoo with warm water from the root to the tip, and finally squeeze the water out of the hair, so that the excess water can be removed.

The next step is to use a sulfate-free hair conditioner, which will help make the wig soft and shiny. The method is to apply conditioner to your hair and wait for a few minutes so that it can play its role. At present, highlight wigs should be washed with cold water to wash away the conditioner, because cold water can seal the moisture in the hair. It will not fade the hair's color, or even add luster to the wig. When the conditioner is completely washed off, gently squeeze the hair to remove excess moisture.

highlight wig

Blot And Dry Your Hair Wig

When your human hair lace wig is clean, gently dry it with a soft microfiber towel or T-shirt to absorb excess water. This step changes the wig from dripping to moist. Use insulation and a hairdryer to dry your highlight wig. But don't frequently dry your hair with a hairdryer. It's best to choose natural air drying because the original dry hair tends to dry faster, which will aggravate the fading.

Maintenance Of The Hair Wig

First of all, using dry liquid shampoo can make the color of hair more lasting. Dry shampoo can absorb any kind of dirt, grease, and product scale, thus reducing the need to wash wigs frequently.

Then, reduce the highlight wig. Washing your wig frequently will wash off the bright color. As the number of shampoos increases, your wig will begin to fade. To maintain the color of the wig and keep it intact and bright for a longer time, avoid cleaning the wig every day, and limit the number of cleaning times to 2-3 times a week.

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Thermal protection spray is the savior of your hair when modeling your wig. Before blowing or using any heating tool for color wigs, it is necessary to use thermal protectant spray or essence to keep moisture in the hair, isolate heat damage, and the hair will not become dry or bad.

When storing wigs, it is best to use a wig holder to prevent wigs from wine together. Second, keep your wig away from saltwater, chlorinated water, and even the sun, because these will also make your wig fade.

Using a colored wig can easily achieve the style you want without changing and damaging your natural hair. The only thing that needs to be invested is to clean and maintain the highlight wig so that you can keep the highlight wig for a long time.