You Need To Know About Your Hairs

Jul 3, 2021 11:46:19 PM

You Need To Know About Your Hairs

Many people love to wear human hair wigs, one of the main reasons is that their hair grows slowly and sparsely, so the hair is not easy to style. For people who love beauty, it is long-term trouble.

So why do some people's hair grow slowly and sparsely? First of all, we need to figure out how hair grows.

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What Are Hairs?

Hair refers to the hair that grows on the human head. Hair color and other characteristics are determined by genes. Generally speaking, several common hair colors are black, golden yellow, brown and red, etc. When a person is old, his/her hair usually turns silvery white. The hair hardness and natural curling degree of different ethnic groups are also different. Hair is composed of keratin. Human hair varies in diameter, ranging from 0.017 to 0.18 mm.

Hair can protect the head and brain. It protects against the scorching sun in summer and the cold in winter. The soft and fluffy hair has elasticity and can withstand lighter collisions; it can also help the evaporation of sweat on the head.

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How Does Hair Grow?

From bottom to top, hair has four parts: papilla, hair follicle, hair root, and hair shaft.

The hair follicle is the part of the hair root in the dermis, which is composed of the inner hair root sheath, outer hair root sheath, and hair bulb. The inner hair root sheath is the sheath directly adjacent to the hair in the late period of hair growth.

The inner hair root sheath is a stiff, thick-walled keratinized tube, which determines the shape of the cross-section when the hair grows.

As dead cells, hair continues to maintain the shape of the hair follicle after it grows out of the hair follicle.

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As shown in the pictures, the hair of Asians grows from around hair follicles. The cross-section of the hair is round or inconspicuously oval, so the hair is straight or very slightly wavy. The hair of the African on the far right grows from an oval hair follicle, the cross-section of the hair is oval, and the hair shape is curled into a spiral shape. In the middle is European hair, a shape between Asian and African. It is precisely because of the cross-sectional shape of their hair that is the easiest type of hair to bend.

Moreover, the growth rate and density of hair of different races are different. The hair growth rate of Africa friends is the slowest, about 0.9cm per month. Their hair can also grow long, but the speed is relatively slow, inconvenient to care for, easy to fall off, easy to break, and the growth cycle is very short, so it is more difficult to grow long hair.

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How To Maximize The Natural Hair Stages For Hair Growth

We have to distinguish between hair and scalp when we care for hair. The scalp is the basis of hair growth, including hair matrix, hair follicles, and tissues such as head sweat glands and capillaries. It is alive and needs to be protected. The hair provides protection. Hair can maintain a suitable environment such as the temperature and humidity of the head epidermis, and will not produce excessive temperature changes that affect the normal operation of the brain.

The scalp is the key to healthy hair growth. Of course, the hair that grows out also must be protected.

The anagen stage can be extended by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, diet, and an optimum natural hair care routine. Stimulating your scalp every evening with a natural hair growth oil like jojoba oil can be helpful. Also, it is important to avoid hair breakage by preventing constant manipulation of the hair and wearing protective styles like wigs, ponytails, or twists often.

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