human hair lace front wigs

Jun 12, 2020 8:18:45 PM

Why choose human hair lace front wig rather than synthetic hair lace front wig

The lace front wig is made from lace material, which is not only light but also close to transparent color.When you wear a cheap lace front wig, the hairline blends perfectly with the wig, it giving you the illusion that it's growing on your scalp.Lace front wigs look very natural, so that's why many people choose lace front wigs.


Lace front wig can be divided into synthetic hair lace front wig and human hair lace wigs.

The synthetic hair lace front wig looks very smooth and doesn't require a lot of styling of maintenance. If you're busy or don't have much time to do your hair, this is a great wig for you.Don't think that a synthetic hair lace front wig will look too stiff. Today, synthetic hair lace front wig technology is very mature. If you buy a high-quality synthetic hair lace front wig, it just like human hair, you will hardly see the difference between them. Synthetic hair lace front wig are cheap and long-lasting, if you're a student or intern, they're best for you.

Human hair lace front wig is made from real human hair, each strand of hair neatly tied to a single silk hat.If you choose remy hair, which is very strict with hair, all the cuticles are intact and in the same direction, remy hair will makes your hair smoother and more natural.You can make creative changes to human hair, just as you would to your own.But human hair lace front wigs are more expensive because of the higher material and labor costs, but his looks more natural, so it is worth the price.


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Why choose human hair lace front wig?

1. Human hair wigs are most natural

The human hair lace front wig is a perfect blend of natural hairline and wig, it looks very natural.When you wear human hair lace front wig, it will shine your charm and make you more confident!

2. Human hair lace front wigs varied

Just like your own hair, human hair lace front wig can be subtly altered to suit your needs, depending on your outfit, makeup, accessories and so on.

3. Human hair lace front wig won't damage your hair.

The human hair lace front wig is made of lace, which is relatively light and soft, it won't damage your hair, it can even protect your hair to a certain extent!

4. Lace front wigs are easy to care for as Brazilian virgin hair

Any kind of wig needs to be trimmed over time to maintain its shape, while lace is easier to trim.

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