How to take care and refresh curly human hair wigs?

Jun 10, 2020 2:55:15 AM

How to take care and refresh curly human hair wigs?

How to take care and refresh curly human hair wigs?

In recent years, curly human hair wigs have become popular ,more and more people choose to wear curly wigs.However, we should be very careful when wearing curly human hair wigs, because curly wigs are particularly tricky to manage.If you don't care about your human hair wig, the curly wig will get messy and tangle deven,it will lose its original shape, thus,we should learn to protect our curly wigs. Don't be sad, I'll share some tips for restoring curly hair wigs.

How can we refresh our curly hair wigs?

1.Human hair spray on your curls

Use a human hair spray to gently spray your curly human hair wigs, you can use a special human hair spray,If you don't have it, put some water in a spray bottle and mix some conditioner, then spray it over your wigs to get your curly wig wet. 

2. Choose the right way to comb your curly hair wigs

You can use a wide-toothed comb to comb through curly hair, generally starting at the ends and working your way up to the roots, gently smoothing out any tangles.

If you have tight curly hair, I don't recommend combing by comb,because it will spread out the curls, you can use your fingers to tie them gently.When you come across a knot, loosen the knot with your fingers and continue to tie the knot with your comb.

When combing your curly hair, your fingers are the best tools to handle your curly human hair wigs.When your curly wig isn't knotting, you can go for a deep treatment.

3. Deep care for curly human hair lace wigs

If your curly human hair wigs breaks at the bend, we need to do a deep treatment on your curly wig. You put a deep conditioner on your wet hair, then wrap it in plastic wrap and put it in the microwave.Heat for 48 seconds.

Do not hurry to take off cling film, let protect hair element to wrap in the hair 30-45 minutes, in this way,can let curl hair better absorb protect hair element. 

4.Care for dry curly lace wigs

curly lace wigs tend to dry out more than straight ones, if your curly lace wigs stay dry for long periods of time, it's not good for your wig to stay in shape.If you want to keep your curly lace wigs shiny, you can add a little olive oil to your hair to keep it from drying out.

5. Wash your curly human hair wig

When cleaning a curly wig, wash it with warm water. Don't rub your curly human hair wig vigorously, just wash it gently.

6. Air-dry curly human hair

Do not use a hair dryer to blow-dry curly human hair wigs, as this can spoil your hair and cause frizz.Whether you are human hair wig or synthetic wig, air-drying is your best choice!

 The curly hair wigs provided by West Kiss Wig is 100% human hair, which has a high sense of usage and comfort.I hope these protective methods can be helpful to you. If you have any questions about daily protective methods, you can log in West Kiss and contact us at any time. Looking forward to your arrival!