What are Skunk Stripe Wigs?

Jul 25, 2023 5:12:45 PM

What are Skunk Stripe Wigs?


Skunk striped wig is a term used to describe wigs with one or two other colors in the middle. Skunk stripes provide more choices for those who want to have fashionable and unique hairstyles.



What is Skunk Stripe


Speaking of skunk, I can tell from their name that it is not a fragrant animal. The skunk's fur is black and white, which is very obvious. This stripe is its signature pattern. You may not have seen it in real life, but you must have seen its pictures online.

Skunk Stripe


The skunk-striped wig is certainly not a wig made of skunk hair, but a wig with skunk stripes. This wig is characterized by one or two bright contrast stripes on the forehead. This stripe is called a skunk stripe. Recently, skunk-striped wigs are very popular, and many people will try this style.



Skunk Stripe Wig VS Single color wig


The skunk stripe wig is more characteristic than the daily single solid color lace front wig. First of all, the stripes are more prominent and eye-catching. Secondly, stripes have the function of modifying the face shape, which can visually highlight the wearer's face shape. If you wear a skunk-striped wig to a party, this hairstyle will definitely be praised by others and make you a highlight of the party.


If it's a date for two people, it can magnify your beauty. The other party will be attracted to you, which will make you more confident. With a skunk stripe wig, your life will be more exciting. Don't hesitate to try a new style of wig boldly. You will have a different feeling.


Now there are many different styles of wigs in the wig market. How should we find one that suits us?


Let's take a look at the most popular skunk-striped wig!


Popular Skunk Stripe Wig

Popular Skunk Stripe Wig


The wig can be a natural color with one or two bold colors in the frontal. The bold color can be red, green color, #613 color or other different colors. Just like this Black Bob Cut Wig With Blonde Skunk Stripe Bob Lace Wigs, which is #1B natural black 5x5 lace closure bob wig With #613 blonde highlight In frontal. It is a perfect wig choice for the ones that are going to work.


The skunk-striped wig also can be a color wig with one or two bold colors in the frontal.

If you are ready for a party, graduation, baby shower, date, or hang out, we highly suggested this Burgundy & Blonde Skunk Stripe wig, it is just for you.

Try wigs with different highlight color combinations, and you will find surprising results.


Popular Skunk Stripe Wig

How to choose one that suits you?


You can choose a skunk stripe wig according to your needs and preferences, but you need to pay special attention to the color of the black and white stripes. You can choose one from our product line. All products are 100% real wigs. We will have different promotional activities at different stages. If you are interested, please pay attention to us! Welcome to Westkiss hair store!

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