Tips For Wearing Lace Wigs--You Must To Know

Aug 19, 2020 1:49:19 AM

Tips For Wearing Lace Wigs--You Must To Know

Nowadays, people's pursuit of beauty is more and more intense. When we go out to play, we will make ourselves well groomed, not only wear nice clothes, appropriate jewelry, fine makeup, but also take care of our hair. Because hair is important to a person, it's a plus.

But do you have dry, thin, knotted hair like I do? Before, this was something that often bothered me and even affected my mood for an entire day out. Until one day, I found around the friends are in the wig supermarket, I just wake up, Originally I can buy a wig ah.

Lace Wigs have become a necessity of people's life. In a sense, Lace wigs have become a symbol of fashion. The toupee hair style that sells on the market is various, very good-looking normally, although toupee can solve the problem of hair quickly and conveniently, but the harm that wears toupee also cannot be underestimated!

Many friends around me think that wearing a real hair wig is just in the hair, not involving the body, so wig is not harmful, in fact, such a point of view is wrong! Hair is also a part of the body, how can it not be affected? So today, I'd like to share with you some tips on wearing lace wigs for sale, which are very important for you who love wigs, you must know! Come and see.

1. Not too tight

Usually, we wear human hair lace wig too tight for fear of falling off. In fact, such a practice is correct, wearing too tight easy to cause scalp discomfort, a lot of hair force to pull out, will cause by external forces caused by scalp swelling.

In fact, as long as you according to their own head size, choose suitable for their own wig size, do not need to wear too tight, the same will be very firm.

2. Clean in time

human lace wigs are easy to get dirt, so we have to wash them often to keep them clean and hygienic. In addition, the choice of material should also be careful, otherwise easy to cause scalp allergic reaction.

If the wig is not clean or material has a problem, it is easy to cause skin allergy, do not wear it immediately when you buy back the wig, wash away the industrial raw materials and chemicals with water, and do not infect the scalp, bit by bit harm to human health.

3. Pay attention to ingredients

When we buy human hair wig, we must pay attention to the ingredients. Want to see wig qualitative material is installed insecurity, generally speaking, the wig that dye is harmful to human body big, because you do not know what dye hair agent chooses is good or bad.

If you're unlucky enough to buy a cheap lace front wig that use inferior dyes, prolonged exposure can cause cancer. National standard wig formaldehyde content should be lower than 75 grams per kilogram, reducing the condition does not allow decomposition of aromatic amine in raw materials, aromatic amine may cause cancer. This is the most serious harm of wearing a wig, we must take it seriously.

4. Don't wear them too often

It should not be worn frequently, because when wearing it, it is necessary to bind the virgin hair which will cause pressure on the original scalp. Long-term tying of hair will make the hair that grows naturally appear sick. If you wear a wig on a regular basis, you may find that your hair problems, such as hair loss, split ends, dry hair, etc., are getting worse.

In addition, wear for a long time, so that the head is stuffy in the hair net inside, very easy to perspire, perspire if the scalp will be uncomfortable.

Another thing to note is that some people may be allergic to synthetic hair. They should avoid wearing synthetic hair wig. You can wear a 100% human hair wig by shopping on West Kiss Hair, which suits you better. 

5. Pay attention to fire prevention

Our hair is inflammable, full lace wigs are the same, the current market lace wigs for sale silk is low temperature silk, low temperature silk has flammability, so full lace wigs need fire prevention. The protein silk wig flame retardant, but a bit better wig is relatively expensive, but wear at ease.

6. Wear them correctly

The biggest danger of wearing wigs is that they can cause hair loss. If the method of wearing a wig is not appropriate, the original hair has pulling force, and cover the scalp, it is very easy to cause external hair loss. Therefore, we must wear wigs correctly

To sum up, these are tips for wearing lace wigs and I'd like to share with you, you must know! Wear a wig and hair loss compared to, there are many advantages such as wigs can change their hair style at will, also have more choices on the appearance, wearing a good wig will not feel very fake.


The human hair wig has many benefits, but the dangers of wearing it can not lightly, wearing a wig can meet our pursuit for beauty in shape, but from the point of view of health harm wig also has a lot of, to be reckoned with, so you must pay attention to when wearing a wig, as far as possible to eliminate the dangers of wearing it