Do you still use the regular comb for the expensive human hair wigs? We began to lean why and how to comb hair gently after the wig’s hair was pulled apart, but sometimes, the tools is more important. At least in the time, a correct comb is very important, firstly, it should be wide toothed comb, in this case, not only the hair wave could be keep longer, but also it will protect the hair from away shedding if there is a little tangle. As for gently combing hair, the reason is known by us, normally, the hair is sewed into lace order cap, the powerful combing will loosen the knots of hair roots on lace or cap even directly broken,   finally, the wig will be ruined. So please make sure that you get a right comb before combing hair.

Selecting correct shampoo and conditioner for the wig’s hair before you prepare to washing the hair. Normally, the nourishing kinds of shampoo and conditioner is suitable for mostly real hair wigs, the basic reason is the hair need large amount energy after the hair left original human body. Also, don’t wear your wig to swim in sea or pool, the chlorine element will damage hair texture. Meanwhile, the hot water should be far away from the hair as well.

Give the sleeping time to your wig as well when you would like to get to bed. Simply, please take off the wig if you would like to have a rest on bed, on one hand, the wig good shape could be kept if it’s put on model head, on the another hand, it could avoid the hair tangled when you fall asleep. After all the hair wig just be a decoration for you, not your human body original source. So, please remember to take it off when you don’t use it, especially sleeping on bed.  

Normally, the journey on the moon is be stared from little steps, so the beauty does.