The first day of 2020 has passed as Jan 1st sunset, time wanders quietly and quickly. The little girl with snot at the font of television were playing Snow White has been another completed different adult, maybe as a mother, dancer, or artist. But she doesn’t become the princess of the children’s dream, every little girl has a simple and pure princess dream, as for the princesses, except for Disney, there won’t be another.


There are 12 princess who are Disney official certifications, from royal blood Snow White with natural black body wave hair; melting and kind-hearted Cinderella and Aurora to burgundy body wave hair mermaid, final the blonde body wave hair Frozen’s princess-Elsa. Not only the skin, hair color of princesses are changed, but the characters of princesses are completed evolution. From traditional western European style blonde hair white skin color to Asian, African, Indian, Arabic and so on, it seems a global princesses party.


As for the characters, first time frame princesses: Snow White, Cinderella and Aurora, all of them are Fragile, look forward to love, their image and personality are very similar, beautiful but powerless to control their own destiny. They have no resistance to the injustice of fate; the second time frame, Love adventure mermaid Ariel princess, intellectual beauty, smart and elegant princess Belle, independent and brave, strong curiosity princess Jasmine, brave self-sacrifice, with love to influence life princess Pocahontas, and resilient, filial Mulan princess.


Finally, in the new century, social values have become more opened and diverse.Disney princesses in the new century show the independent consciousness and free spirit of modern women, reflecting the changes of The Times. Whether the industrious and brave, a beautiful dream of princess Tianna, dare to love dare to hate, brave beautiful princess Rapunzel , unruly, the pursuit of exploring merry princess, call wind call snow, victory over self love Elsa princess, confident, helpful princess Anne, and optimistic, brave, and full of adventure spirit Moana princess.


Disney princesses no longer blindly believe in romantic love in the new century , they believe that only the efforts could get true life happiness and achieve self-worth.