Mar 4, 2020 1:04:33 AM

How To Slay a Wig


Human Hair Wigs are life. If you're like me, you like to switch up your hair all the time. Wigs are such an amazing option to protect your hair. Plus, it's way faster than doing your own hair! So gather round loves, let me teach you my ways.

Braid Your Hair Down

First things first, braiding your hair down if you have long or thick hair is important. Depending on the amount of time or hair type, french braids or cornrows are the best. Keep them tight and as close to your skull as possible. If your hair is short or you're rocking a shaved head like Amber Rose (yes, bish!) then don't worry about this step.

Cut your wig cap and match it to your skin tone

This is way more helpful than you'd think. Cutting your wig cap can make a big difference. Wig caps are extremely stretchy. Pull it tight against your head and spray it with hair spray so it will stay in place

once it's dried. Once you've sprayed it put a tight headband or bandana around your hairline to help it stay in place while waiting for it to dry, Once dry cut the excess part of the wig cap off. By getting rid of it will help your wig stay in place. Another thing is to blend your foundation onto the wig cap that closes on top of your hairline and where the part of your wig will go. This helps for a more realistic look.

Tape, glue, pin your wig in place

This is a super important yall. SECURE YOUR WIG! There are many ways to do this. You can use wig glue. For this method, you would put the glue around your hairline. Once it becomes tacky you place your wig, using a hairdryer on a low setting to dry the glue. The tape is another option, and the method I personally use. It's definitely a cheaper option compared to glue. I think it's super easy as well. All you have to do is place a few strips along your hairline. I recommend placing some close to where your part is as well. Finally, bobby pins are an option as well. A few go a long away. Each is valid options, so whatever is easier for you I recommend.

Invest in good products

If you're serious about your wig looking bomb, invest in the products you use. You need very little to slay your wig. A soft bristle brush, hair spray, a wig cap, THE WIG (duh), hair sheen, tape/glue/bobby pins, and dry shampoo. A hot comb is optional but only use it once you get better at wearing wigs. Invest in your wig as well, Westkiss hair store provides high-quality human hair wigs & it’s never disappointed me. I really love their curly lace front wigs, cheap full lace wig and 6*6 closure wigs.

Experiment & Have fun

If you're going to wear a wig you might as well change it up! If you have black hair, go blonde ombre wigs. Get a pink, green, blue or whatever coloured wigs. There are so many options. The short, long, straight, curly, way... try them all. I like to joke that each of my wigs comes with its own personality.

Customize your wig

A hair wig can definitely help you change up your look. However, you should always do your thing and make it fit your hairstyle. This could mean braiding it, cutting it, shifting it to a side part or centre part, even just putting it up in a ponytail. There a number of options. But make it match your aesthetic and vibe.