Apr 9, 2021 9:20:00 AM

Some Mistakes Of HD Lace Wigs Care

  A hair wig is an attractive fashion item that is highly practical, and be permeated with a full-bodied fashionable feeling. Although many girls have had their own special hair wigs, not everyone knows how to take care of them properly. Especially some particular hair products like HD lace wigs that are not easy to care for. The mistakes of HD lace wigs care can lead to damages of the wigs. 

  Today I will list some mistakes of HD lace wigs care that you need to avoid. Good care can make your HD lace wigs more glossy and silky, sometimes even can prolong their service life.

1. What Is HD Lace Wig?

  Before introducing some common mistakes of HD lace wigs care, let's talk a little about what is the HD lace wig. HD lace is an updated version of the other common laces. Because HD laces are thinner and more transparent than other laces. The HD lace wig is one kind of lace wigs that has ultra-thin, ultra-premium lace with seamless blending capabilities. Every HD lace wig can match all skin colors perfectly. Because of the special nature of raw materials of HD lace wigs, people need to pay more attention to maintenance.

Some Mistakes Of HD Lace Wigs Care

2. Some Mistakes Of HD Lace Wigs Care

2.1 Over Bleaching The Knots

  People will usually bleach the hair knots of their wigs to achieve a more natural wig look. For HD lace wigs, you dont need to bleach anymore. On the one hand, bleaching is bad for the health of your HD lace wigs. Because chemicals always can damage the hair easily. On the other hand, HD lace wigs already have invisible knots that can melt into your skin perfectly. Every girl can get a beautiful look after having an HD lace wig.

2.2 Over Washing The Wigs Or Washing The Wigs In A Wrong Way

  Washing tips also is an important part of wigs care. Washing lace wigs in a proper way can help keep the wigs healthy. Some people may think the more you wash, the cleaner a wig will be. On the contrary, if you wash your HD lace wigs too often, it also will damage the hair. Too much washing will make the wigs dry and easy to shed. You need to avoid washing your hair wigs every day. I will suggest that you can wash the wig 3-4 times a week.

2.3 Restyle The Wigs Frequently

  Trendy girls like to chase changeable hairstyles. So most of them will choose to restyle their hair wigs, change a new hair texture or a new hair color. But too much perming and coloring will damage your hair wigs. 

Some Mistakes Of HD Lace Wigs Care

2.4 Wrong Way To Dry The Wigs

  About drying wigs, people usually chose to use hairdryers before. Because it can dry the hair wigs quickly. And your HD lace wigs also are easier to be damaged by high temperatures. We suggest using air dry or you can set your hairdryers on a low temperature. 

Some Mistakes Of HD Lace Wigs Care

2.5 Comb The Wigs In A Wrong Way

  In daily life, we usually need to comb our hair wigs regularly to keep them silky. Choosing the right tools is the first step. A wide-tooth brush is a great choice. You can use them or your fingers to comb your HD lace wigs gently, and then remove the tangles carefully.

Some Mistakes Of HD Lace Wigs Care

2.6 Sleep With Wigs Often

  It is tight and busy for modern people to work or study. So people always want to find some ways to save time. Some people will choose to sleep with their wigs. But there is friction between pillows and wigs, it will cause the hair wig to frizzy and knot after all-night sleep. If you want to sleep with your wigs, you can wear a silk bonnet sleep nightcap or change to a silk or satin pillow. These two ways both can reduce damage to the HD lace wigs effectively.

Some Mistakes Of HD Lace Wigs Care

3. Where To Buy HD Lace Wigs?

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Some Mistakes Of HD Lace Wigs Care