Shop Blonde Hair Wigs Or Burgundy Hair Wigs Online

Mar 28, 2021 10:25:26 PM

Shop Blonde Hair Wigs Or Burgundy Hair Wigs Online

   This an era of the pursuit of individuality, people hope to be different from anybody else. More and more people want to get a colored hair. But hair-dying need to put chemicals all over the hair and scalp. Too much coloring can be harmful to their own human hair. It is a good way to get colored hair wig. Blonde hair wigs and burgundy hair wigs are both popular in the wigs market. Today we will talk about these two charming hair colors. 

1. What is the 613 blonde wig?

  613 blonde is a shiny and clean color that can frame womens faces. Most girls also express blonde as their favourite hair colour. 613 blonde hair color can be matched with varied hair textures. You will get a beautiful scene when the straight blonde hair cascade over a girls shoulders. The wavy blonde hair gives women sensuality and youth.

  Product Recommendation: 613 Blonde Long Straight Lace Front Wigs

  The lace front wig is a classic type of lace wigs. It has a 13 inches width lace frontal that can cover the human forehead from ear to ear. In this way, people can get a more natural hairline and a real look.

Shop Blonde Hair Wigs Or Burgundy Hair Wigs Online

2. What is the burgundy hair wig?

  Burgundy is a dark red color. It takes its name from the color of Burgundy wine. It is popular this season. As a dark color, burgundy color is comfortable and stable that can make people get a more casual and social look.

Product Recommendation: 99J Deep Wave Lace Part Wigs

  Compared to the lace front wig, this lace part wig has less area of lace. So the price of this lace part wig will be more competitive than a lace front wig.

Shop Blonde Hair Wigs Or Burgundy Hair Wigs Online

3. What are the differences between 613 blonde hair and burgundy hair?

3.1 Appearance

  The outward appearance of 613 blonde hair seems rather appealing than burgundy hair. 613 blonde is a color of the light-colored line, burgundy is the dark-colored line.

3.2 Suitable Skin Color

  As a light-colored hair wig, 613 blonde hair wigs normally are made of transparent laces. Transparent lace is one kind of Swiss laces, and the lace color is transparent. This kind of lace color is suitable for light-skinned people. A pale-skinned girl with blond hair and green eyes is always attractive. On the other hand, 613 blonde wigs also can be perfect for dark-skinned people. There is so much versatility that can be added on the 613 blonde wigs, like ombre, highlight. Dark-skinned people can choose a 613 blonde hair wig with dark roots like 1b/613, #4/613 hair color.

  Compared to 613 blonde wigs, burgundy hair wigs are more suitable for dark-skinned people. Darker shades are matchable for dark colors. The hair products of the burgundy series are steady, gentle.

3.3 Suitable People Personality

  Everyone has a favourite colour and it can be able to work out your personality type. Bright 613 blonde color works on someone who has a bubbly personality. The dark earth tone of burgundy color on people who are more mature.

3.4 Suitable Age Level

  Young people have the pursuit of vogue and individual character. They want to become the focus of the crowd. A fresh and exciting color like 613 blonde can help them.

  Beautiful and mature women prefer low-key costly colors. Burgundy color suits most people who have elegant taste.

4. Where To Buy Colored Wigs?

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