How to make your HD lace wig last longer?

Mar 9, 2023 1:21:27 AM

How to make your HD lace wig last longer?

We will release a star product - high definition lace wig in the whole wig market. HD lace wig is a high-quality perfect wig, and its price is also higher than other ordinary wigs. If people don't want to spend much money to buy new high-definition lace wigs again. They ought to learn how to understand and maintain high-definition lace wigs preferably so that they can be used for a longer time. In this article, we will provide a list of some suggestions to help people to reference and make their high-definition lace wigs more durable.


straight HD wig


HD lace is ultra-thin. The HD lace part is high-definition lace, which is more vitrification, thinner, and lighter than ordinary Swiss laces. However, HD lace is fragile and easy to tear. If you pull hard, the HD lace may break. In ordinary use, we can pay attention to the following points.


1. Open the package softly.

The excitement of receiving the package is understandable. You need to gently open the package to avoid damage to your HD lace wig. Sometimes, the high-definition lace wig is accidentally torn when opening the package, which has happened to many people.

2. It's better not to bleach knots.

Some people use bleaching products to bleach the knots of high-definition lace wigs to obtain a more natural appearance. On the one hand, HD lace wigs are suitable for all skin colors, without using lace dyeing. On the other hand, dyeing and bleaching will reduce the performance of HD lace wigs and cause damage to them. We suggest that it's better not to drift. If oblige, be careful not to use bleach for a long time. Please bleach under professional guidance.

3. Try to be careful if pre-pluck the wig.

Every high-definition lace wig is taken off in advance before delivery. Some people choose to pre-pluck themselves. In addition, please be careful not to Touch HD lace when pre-pluck at home.


Body wave HD lace wig


4. More care to clean the hair.

To lengthen the use time of wigs, HD lace wigs need to be cleaned and cared for. Gently clean and in condition. High-definition lace wig needs to be cherished.

5. Avoid long-time immersion and exposure.

Don't soak high-definition lace wigs for a long time. Long-term immersion and exposure to the sun are harmful to HD lace wigs. When directly exposed to the sun, HD lace will be deformed or even jeopardized due to high temperatures.

6 . Comb your hair cautiously.

Use a wide-toothed comb to gently brush the HD lace wig from the end to the middle and then to the top. Do not apply excessive force to HD lace with a comb.


Deep wave HD lace wigs


A Typical HD lace wig is recommended.

All different types of high-definition lace wigs have different beautiful hairstyles, including curly hair, straight hair, loose deep hair, body wave hair, deep wave hair, and water wave hair. Different hair types can show different feelings. People can freely choose their favorite hair on our website.

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