How To Protect Human Hair Wigs From Frizzy?

Feb 23, 2023 1:14:36 AM

How To Protect Human Hair Wigs From Frizzy

Human hair wigs are undoubtedly the highest quality class wigs in the wig market, which not only provide gorgeous yet natural looks but also are durable and sundry in styles. Therefore, real human hair wigs have more maintenance requirements, as the real human hair has been cut from its nutrition supply so that it can not produce the required natural oil and water. If human hair wigs are not taken care of properly, they are prone to frizz.

But the cost is high if you are determined to replace a frizzy human hair wig. Here comes the rescue.

Let's get started with the main reasons why real human hair lace front wigs would frizz and what appropriate efforts we can take to improve the situation.

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Reason 1: Washing inappropriately

If human hair lace wigs are washed at a high temperature or too often, it will significantly aggravate hair dryness by accelerated removing oils and moisture required by silky and healthy hair.

It is highly recommended to wash the hair with cold water 1-2 times per week to maximize the retention of hair nutrients and make the hair shiny and silky.

Reason 2. Drying improperly

Your wig is very fragile when wet, wrap your human hair wig in a towel after washing will tangle up the wig and lead to damage.

It is best to pat dry with a towel, instead of wringing or rubbing. Then let it air dry to minimize disrupting hair strands and maximum keep it smooth. If you don't have enough time to air-dry the wig completely, you can air-dry it 90% before you blow-dry it. Please also handle the heat, and you can choose the low-temperature setting, hold the hair dryer about 6 inches away from the wig, and keep the hair dryer moving consistently to avoid overheating a certain part of the wig.

Reason 3. Using hot styling tools frequently

High temperature is very tricky for real human hair as we just mentioned above that the high temperature will significantly aggravate hair dryness by accelerated removing its oils and moisture, and those elements are very essential for silky and healthy hair.

If you use hot hair styling tools too often or even daily, the hair will become frizzy gradually and lead to breakage.

We suggest you choose the low-temperature setting for hot tools such as a blow dryer, hair straighter, and curling iron to minimize damage. Usually, for colored hair, 350F degrees is the suggested temperature, and for natural black hair, 400F degrees is the suggested temperature.

Reason 4. Lack of moisture

As we mentioned before, human hair wigs are cut from the nutrient supply, so they don't obtain the natural oil or sebum from the scalp as natural hair does. Human hair wigs are prone to tangle and frizz if they aren't kept hydrated and nourished properly.

The best way is to apply leave-in hair conditioners or sheen oils in daily usage, and deep condition it on time.

Thanks for your time reading, and if you have other excellent hacks, please share them in the following comment section. West Kiss hair is one of the professional and experienced companies that has been wig business for decades to provide high-quality yet affordable human hair wigs. You are very welcome to try our human hair wigs as well.

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