How To Restyle Your Straight Hair To A Wavy Look?

Mar 2, 2023 1:19:08 AM

How To Restyle Your Straight Hair To A Wavy Look

Straight hair is one of the most classic and best-selling wigs because it is so natural and understated that any woman can pull it off perfectly. In addition, when women are tired of straight hair and want a new style, straight hair is also very easy to style, and it's easy to achieve a wavy look. There are many ways to curl your straight hair, and this article will describe some of the ways that women use.

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1. Use A Curling iron

Curling irons are the fastest way to make straight hair curls by changing the shape of your hair by heating it. Curling irons also come in different sizes. Thinner curling irons create small curls, so they are often used to create tighter curls. Thicker curling irons can help create curvier, looser curls, such as the Body Wave. So, before curling your hair, you need to decide what you want to achieve and then choose the right curling iron.

Heating hair will accelerate the loss of moisture and nutrients, so you need to use a hair heat protectant before curling hair to avoid hair damage. Start with the lower part of your hair. Wrap a lock of hair around the iron bar that curls your hair, and don't let the hair loose directly from the iron after curling the hair. Please allow the hair to cool completely, either by holding it in your hands for 10 seconds or by curling it and holding it with a pin until it cools to prevent the curls from disappearing too quickly. When your hair has cooled completely, use a styling spray to help keep it in place. Then gently run your fingers through your hair to lengthen the curls a bit, which will make your curls look more natural.

Remember, don't use heat curls too often, this can seriously damage your hair. Please make sure to give your lace wig a deep condition after every curl.

2. Use A Non-electric Curling Rod

Women worried about the heat damaging their hair can use a non-electric Curling Rod to curl their hair. No need to plug in, and no high-temperature contact hair, a greater degree of protection from hair.

Spray a small amount of water into your hair before using it, then put on a curling iron and clip it to the top of your head. Once you've secured the curling iron, start braiding your hair from one side, and wind it around the curling iron. After the braid is done and tied up with a headband, the woman is then free to spend her own time, such as sleeping, eating, or watching TV shows. After some time, remove the curling rod, and you will get wavy style hair.

Non-electric Curling Rod

3. Sleep With Your Hair Braided

It is the easiest way to curl your hair and doesn't require many extra tools. After washing your hair, when your hair is 75% dry, apply some curling cream or mousse to your hair. After your hair is dry, divide it into 4 or 5 pieces. Braid each section of hair and secure it to each end with a rubber band or bobby pin. Then you can sleep in your pigtails. When you wake up in the morning, gently undo your braid, then you'll get natural wavy hair. Finally, add some setting agents to set the shape.

Every woman has her secret to curling her hair. If you don't know how to curl your hair yet, try some of the tips in this article. Or you can buy a wig directly with the curl you want, whether you want a straight wig, Body wave wig, Water wave wig or curly wig, it's available at West Kiss Hair. There are a lot of promotions and flash sales on the West Kiss website these days. Don't miss out!

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