How to clean the hair wig brush correctly

Dec 22, 2022 12:14:51 AM

How to clean the hair wig brush correctly

Hair grooming is an integral part of grooming, and correct grooming can beautify the appearance and protect the hair. To better care for our hair and make it look the best, people will regularly clean our hair and conduct hair design. But we often neglect to clean the comb. If the freshly cleaned hair does not want to be damaged by the comb, we need to maintain the good habit of cleaning the comb. By reading this article, we will learn about how to clean the hairbrush.

Does the brush need cleaning?

It is very necessary to clean your lace wig brush. Dirty combs are a hotbed of dust, bacteria, mites, and hairdressing residues. There will be broken hair, some residues, dead skin cells, lint, dust, etc. on the comb, which will breed bacteria and pose the risk of skin infection. Comb your hair with the same dirty comb day after day. Even if you wash your hair every day, it will pollute your scalp. Regular cleaning of the hairbrush helps to avoid bacteria and other organisms that may grow on the hairbrush and transfer to the hair, thereby avoiding infection with bacteria. Combing your hair with a dirty comb will make your hair look greasy. When you use a dirty comb, the residues on it may return to your hair, making your hair greasy and dirty.

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When do you need to clean your hairbrush?

Short hair, dust, cotton wool, etc. can easily accumulate between the bristles of the comb. When you start to notice the gray or white film on the brush, it must be time to clean.

How often should you clean your hairbrush?

There are no strict rules on how often we should clean our combs. This mainly depends on the type of hair brush used, the frequency of use, and the type of hair. In general, a thorough cleaning every month is enough. But if your hair is long or hair loss is frequent, it is best to clean it once a week. Some people may often use hair products. The more you use these hair products, the more you need to clean them.

What cleaning tools should we use?

We don't need to buy any special cleaners. We can use soap, dishwashing detergent, shampoo or body wash. If you are worried about poor cleaning, we can prepare some baking soda. Find a clean toothbrush, a needle tail comb, and a dry towel, and prepare a basin of warm water.

How to clean the brush?

Our first step is to remove the broken hair and cotton wool on the comb. Use the end of the thin tail comb, fingers or sharp tools to remove as much as possible the broken hair, cotton wool and other obvious things on the comb

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The second step is to soak the comb. Fill a basin with warm water, add some soap or detergent to the warm water, and stir to accelerate dissolution. Let the comb soak in the solution for 10 minutes to decompose the stubborn dirt.

If the comb you use is made of wood, do not immerse the comb in the water directly. Immerse the brush with the bristles down in the water.

Then clean the handle and bristles with a clean toothbrush.

If you still find it difficult to clean, you can add a little dry baking soda to help effectively remove the dirt.

The third step is to rinse the brush and blow dry it. After washing the brush, put the brush under tap water to avoid soap residue, and then put the bristles down on the towel to dry. If you don't want to wait for it to dry, you can also dry it directly with a blower, using low hot air. If water remains on the brush, it may cause bacterial growth.

Pay attention to the following issues when cleaning the hairbrush:


There is no fixed time when you need to clean the comb, but if your hair is long and you often use a lot of hair care products, we recommend that you clean the hairbrush at least half a month and more frequently.


Each person may use a comb with different materials for their affordable human hair wigs. If you use a wooden hair brush, be careful not to soak it directly in water when cleaning. Water can cause wood cracking and loss of bristles. If your wooden hair brush is accidentally wet, do not dry it at the high temperature of the hair dryer. If necessary, use cold air or let it dry.


When cleaning and drying the comb, the water temperature should not be too high, which may cause the synthetic bristles to deform or melt.


We need to completely clean the comb, including the handle and brush head. Many people will ignore the handle and brush head.

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