How to Customize a Closure Wig For Beginners

Jan 31, 2021 7:08:03 PM

How to Customize a Closure Wig For Beginners

  Do you know? Custom wigs can make your wig look more beautiful, while also protecting your natural hair. Only a few processes of bleaching, dyeing, and processing are required. It sounds simple, but many people still don't know how to do it. Today, I will tell you how to customize your closure wig.

How to Customize a Closure Wig For Beginners

Wash your hair.

  Many people don't know how to clean the lace wig before making a closure wig. Remember to scrub gently and keep it flat during the cleaning process, so that it can continue to be in good condition.

  After washing, you can use a leave-in conditioner or essential oil to moisturize your hair to avoid frizz and knotting caused by dryness and keep your hair soft and comfortable.

Place the wig.

  Distribute the air-dried closed fake to the head of the model, fix it with a pin, and prepare for subsequent operations.

Remove the hairline.

How to Customize a Closure Wig For Beginners


  Some manufacturers will directly remove some hairline hair for customers in advance, but if your wig do not remove it beforehand, you have to do it yourself, or you can find a professional stylist, but it costs money. You can use tweezers at home to pull out the excess hair at the hairline, which can reduce the volume of the wig, and it can be thinner to make the hairline more natural.

Apply shadows.

  Apply some shadow evenly on the closed part of the wig and the boundary of the hairline to weaken the boundary between the closure wig and your scalp and ensure that it looks real and natural. Remember to try not to use liquid concealer, because it may stain other parts of the wig, you can consider using eyeshadow or foundation similar to the skin tone.

Create natural edges-baby hair.

  Many beginners will complain that the hairline is not natural enough. Here we need to tell you that the hairline of the baby should not be too long and not too long to look good.

  Pick out some hair at the front part of the hairline and cut it short with a razor. The length depends on your personal preference. Spray some hairspray on the trimmed baby's hair, and then use a toothbrush or other brush to draw the hair to the proper position of the hairline.

Bleach knot.

How to Customize a Closure Wig For Beginners

  Since each hair strand is tied to the lace by hand, you can see that the end of each hair strand will have obvious knots, like small black dots on the lace. If you don't want the lace to be exposed, bleach the knot. After the knot is bleached, it will hide the black spots between the lace and the hair strands, making the hairline look more natural.

  First use bleach and professional developer, put them in a bowl according to the ratio of 1:2, and stir until uniform.

  Then turn the wig outwards, fix it on the model's head, and carefully bleach the knots along the hairline with a small brush.

  Wait for about 15 minutes. Before the knot becomes discolored, rinse off the bleach with a neutralizing shampoo. This is to prevent the knot from being completely bleached. Then you can use conditioner to moisturize the hair, making the hair cleaner and smoother.

Cut the lace.

  Cut the excess lace along the edges of the ears and hairline.

Curly hair.

  Use a curling iron to curl the effect you want. It is recommended that you curl your hair at a low to medium heat, which can create perfect curly wig without damaging the hair. In addition, you must remember not to heat the hair frequently, because the hair itself is relatively fragile, and frequent heating will cause certain damage.

  Although it sounds troublesome to customize your closure wig, after reading this article today, I hope you can gain a lot and can complete this operation yourself. If you still don't want to do it yourself, you can contact us and we will provide you with various services that satisfy you and many types of high-quality and affordable wigs. At the same time, you are welcome to shop at West Kiss Hair Mall.