Best Tips On How To Look After Your Hair During Summer

May 26, 2020 2:02:14 AM

Best Tips On How To Look After Your Hair During Summer

Summer is fast approaching and with all the different activities that it engages, the way you take care of your hair is changing as well. Here is a compilation of tips on keeping your hair in great condition through the hot season.


Watch Out For The Heat

During the hot season, protecting your hair accordingly is extremely important. To start with, it would be recommended to give up on the hair dryer or the hot iron. The negative impact it has on your long human hair lace wigs combined with the seasonal heat can be fatal and this is certainly something you may want to avoid.


Chlorine, Chlorine, Chlorine

We all know the hot season equals pool season, however you should be aware that this comes with certain unexpected surprises, including chlorine. You can expect a lot of damage if you swim in a pool with chlorine, especially if you have coloured hair. In order to properly protect your hair, we recommend you wash your hair with cold water and then apply a deep conditioner before entering the pool in order to avoid soaking up the chlorine. In case that is not possible, you can simply wash your hair with cold water prior to entering the pool and use an apple cider vinegar once you are out of the pool.


Avoid Overdoing It On The Washing

During the hot season, you may feel like wanting to wash your 100% human hair wigs more often, however it is important that you pay attention to it. Overdoing it means you may strip your hair of it, which in result may lead to chronic dryness and even breakage.


Treat Yourself By Treating Your Hair

The hot season means higher chances of getting your hair exposed to the sun’s UV rays, chlorine and polluants. These can all contribute to making your hair feel dry and fragile. That’s why it is important to not give up on your moisturising and conditioning treatments during the summer. Make a habit of taking extra care of it and this way not only your hair won’t be affected by the hot season but it will actually look radiant for the season to come.


Hydration Is Key

In the summer, you may feel like blaming the dry hair on the sun and heat, however drinking a generous amount of water each day will help the strength of your hair, increasing growth. Keeping your body hydrated will help not only your body, but also your skin, hair and scalp.


Keep It Simple

The best treat for your hair during the hot season is to really let it down and relax. Simply follow a healthy washing regimen and avoid putting it under too much stress as otherwise you may create more bad than good to it. The less challenges you put your hair through, the more they will thank you for it.


Lastly, summer is the time when you can ditch the hot tools and embrace your human hair wig. We recommend you heat your hair as little as possible so that it can maintain its health. And who needs a hair dryer when you can dry your hair using the natural heat outside?