Five Steps-How to Washing a real hair lace wig

Apr 30, 2020 2:26:54 AM

Five Steps-How to Washing a Human Hair Wig

How often should we wash the human hair wig? According to the times of using and other elements, such as the weather, temperature, there may be different suggestions for the frequency. But what’s the standard even better gesture to wash a real hair wig? Here we have some words, just simple five steps:

Step 1: The preparation before washing

Comb gently your hair using hands or wide-tooth to release any tangled part, the best method is from end to the roots.

Step 2: Rinse the hair

The Second step is wet your lace wig, putting the hair under faucet or using a cool, the water should be warm, same as the human temperature is fine, If you have a long hair wig, such as 30-40’’, we suggest you could use the shower faucet. When the hair was totally rinsed, using hands to comb hair to remove the excess water. Remember it: comb, not wring or twist it.  

Step 3: the better method of using shampoo

Press the can then use hands receive it, not directly put it in the top of wig, rub your hands together then stop when the shampoo becomes froth, in the time, comb the hair from top to ending, make sure the shampoo far from the wig’s scalp. Every time combing should be gentle and patient. There should be no one to rub hair in hands like washing clout, she won’t read the article when the title comes the eyes.

It’s easy to remove the shampoo from hair, just like rinse it, but please use a towel to blot the hair after the excess water is solved,

Step 4: make a deep condition

Same as human skin, the better time to nourish hair is now, when all the hair gets enough energy, using cold water cleans the conditioner.

Step 5: return hair to normal wetness what it could be wore

Keep final patient for the last step through the 4 steps has exhausted it much, Using a towel to bolt it again, then put the wig in the model head, waiting for the air dry, don’t use a blow dryer.  Once the hair return to normal wetness, you could style it as usual. 

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