How To Take Off Your Lace Frontal Wig

Oct 13, 2022 1:13:45 AM

How To Take Off Your Lace Frontal Wig

We always pay attention to a lot of lace front wig installation methods, but less people will keep a watchful eye on how to properly take off wigs. Human Hair Lace frontal wigs can mimic the scalp naturally, stick to the scalp and have a perfectly natural look. However, improperly taking off a lace front wig can ruin our unit or even rip out our edges. Because of this, West Kiss Hair wrote this article on how to remove a lace front wig quickly and safely.

Tools' Preparation

The first thing we need is hot water which helps remove the glue without causing irritation or an unnatural reaction.

Next, we need a solvent to soften the glue, because the solvent can loosen the glue adhesion effectively and help reduce the wig damage chance when we remove the lace front wig.

Then after taking off the wig, you need to use moisturizer or lotion or emollient oil on our heads and foreheads to help soothe the skin that has been stretched during the tightening of the wig before lace.

Finally, Please use a small brush to apply solvent or alcohol to the front and rear hairline.

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Steps Of Removing Your Lace Frontal Wigs

  1. Tie Hair

To see the lace seams clearly and to prevent the degreaser from touching wig hair, we need to tiethe lace wig from the front of the lace or full lace wig, and then it will be fixed on top of the head.

  1. Test Skin

Test the skin's sensitivity to the adhesive or solvent. Apply a small amount solvent to the inside of the wrist and cover it with a clear plastic wrap for about 24 hours. If an allergic reaction occurs, please immediately remove the adhesive or solvent and discard this solution.

  1. Soften The Adhesive

Softening the glue or adhesive so that you can easily remove the lace front wig human hair, you need to apply the wig solvent or chemicals patiently.

  1. Remove The Lace Front Wig

Please Gently drag to wipe more solvent in the resistance area. Constantly do this until you feel that the grip of the wig is reduced enough. You need to take care pulling a small part of the wig, use your fingers to grab an area from one side to the other to make a methodical tear, and gently tear down the lace seam from your face.

  1. Remove The Remaining Glue From The Wig and Wash

After removing the wig from your head, please place it on support to facilitate maintenance, and maintain its shape. When you take off the wig for shampooing and cleaning the hair and scalp, please make sure to use acetone to remove the excess glue around the roots of the wig. Then pour 100% pure acetone into a plastic bowl and place the glued area into the liquid. After the left glue is peeled off, clean and maintain the wig in the right way, then keep it in a special hair packaging box. After most of the glue is used up, please wash your face with soap and water to remove excess glue left.

After reading this blog, did you the right ways to remove your human hair lace frontal wig? Westkiss Hair has many kinds of glueless lace wigs. To get more things about wigs from WestKiss Hair, please go to the Westkiss website!

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