How To Deal With The Hairline?

Sep 17, 2021 1:43:11 AM

How To Deal With The Hairline?

If you are a person who wears wigs a lot, you want your wigs to look as natural as possible. But most people can't go to the barbershop every day to do special hairstyles. That is a waste of time and money. Whether you are wearing a real human hair wig or chemical fiber hair, there are some daily simple ways to treat your hairline to make it as natural as possible. Want to know how to make a wig look more natural and realistic?

We have collected 2 commonly used methods and hope to help you better solve this problem.

The first method is to dial the hairline. The hair around the hairline is usually thick and unnatural. Pulling hair can make you look more natural.

The second method is to blend your natural hairline with the curly lace wig.

Let us introduce these 2 methods in detail

The first method: Mix your natural hairline with a lace wig

Although the lace frontal wigs are very good at imitating the natural hairline, they will never exceed the real hairline. If you have natural hair, try using a dry shampoo to mix your natural hairline with the hairline of the lace wig.

How to mix your natural hairline with a lace front wig?

Step 1: Move your lace wig back an inch or two to expose your natural hairline.

Step 2: Put on the lace front wig completely.

Step 3: Spray a little dry shampoo on the dividing line between the wig and the hairline, and then use your fingers to comb everything together. Since many wigs are very shiny and make the hair look unnatural, using some dry shampoo is an effective way to absorb some shine and make the hair look more real.

The second method: Pluck your hairline

Before plucking the hairline, prepare the tools you need, such as a wig frame, tweezers, scissors, and the most important thing is to prepare affordable human hair wigs.

Step 1: Place the lace wig on the wig stand and use some pins to fix it. You need to make sure it is very tight to avoid moving the wig back and forth during use.

Step 2: Apply some foam mousse to the hair, and then separate a little hair on the front or periphery of the hair.

Step 3: Starting from the hairline near the ears, pull the hair from the face back to the back of the head. First, pull out a little hair to see how it works, don't pull out too much hair and lace. If you think the hairline is still too dense, you can go back and repeat these steps.

wigs' hairlinePluck your hairline

Step 4: When pulling out the hair, make sure that there are no obvious lines at the beginning of the lace. Make it have a gradual effect, so the hair is less dense around the hairline to completely covered.

Step 5: Make baby hair. Separate a small part of the hair from the hairline, and then cut the hair with scissors until the hair reaches the length of your baby's hair.

Make baby hair

The above two methods are the fastest and most convenient, of course, there are other ways, we can choose according to our requirements.

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