How Long Is A 16-inch Wig And 20-inch Wig

May 31, 2021 11:39:41 PM

How Long Is A 16-inch Wig And 20-inch Wig?

When people are buying a hair wig, hair length is one of the most important points people need to consider. If you don't really understand the hair length of a hair wig with different hairstyles, you may get an unsatisfied hair wig online. How long is a 16-inch wig and 20-inch wig? How to measure the hair length of a hair wig properly? How to choose a suitable hair wig? Today's article will advise all answers.

1. How long is a 16 inch wig and 20 inch wig?

Some people think that different hair textures with the same hair length also look the same. But actually, the same hair length of different hair textures looks different. With the same length, all the wavy hairs look shorter than straight hair visually. About wavy hairs, different wavy hairs with the same hair length also look different. It depends on the degree of hair curve. For example, with the same hair length, body wave hair looks longer than other wavy hairs. Because the curls of body wave hair are looser and bigger than others. The reason is that why hair length needs to be measured when the hair strand is in straight form.

different hair length

2. How to measure the hair length of a hair wig properly?

As mentioned above, when you are measuring the hair length of wavy hair, remember to stretch hair to straight. Then measure the hair start from hair roots to the end of hair length. In this way, you can get accurate data.

3. How to choose a suitable hair wig?

Different people have different preferences. For hair length, some people like long hairstyle, some people like short hairstyle. Different hair lengths can offer people different appearances. How long can be called short hair, and how long can be called long hair? Normally, 6 inches - 16 inches long hair can be called short hair. 18 inches - 40 inches can be called long hair.

It is summer, and the weather is getting hotter. When the weather warms up, it feels wonderful to wear a breathable short hair wig. Have you thought about having a hair wig in a shorter style? A bob wig not only can make you feel cool, comfortable, help your scalp to breathe freely but also can give you a chic and clean wig look. Compared to long hair wigs, short bob wigs are easier to maintain and wash. A bob wig helps people save time and energy. Most modern people are too bound up in their work to have free time. They need an easy-to-maintain hair wig to offer convenience.

If you don't like short hairstyles. You still want to have a mid-length hair wig or a long hair wig in summer. Mid-length hair wigs are always attractive and trendy. People also can restyle them at home by themselves. A mid-length hair wig is easy to restyle and recolor. People can enjoy the creativity with dynamics in trendy hairstyles. You can consider choosing an HD lace wig. HD laces are high-definition laces that are lighter, thinner, more comfortable than regular Swiss laces. Besides, HD lace wigs can melt into all skin colors easily. You can have a real and natural wig look after wearing it. From health, HD laces are also good for scalps to breathe freely and stay healthy.

4. Where to buy perfect wigs?

If you want to find a reliable hair wigs supplier, I recommend West Kiss Hair. It is a professional hair company with more than ten years of experience. All the hair products are made of 100% human hair. We are committed to offering all customers a wide variety of hair products. Including various hair weaves, lace wigs, headband wigs, different colored wigs, etc. To ensure every customer can have a satisfying hair product in our store.

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