How To Wear A Wig

May 27, 2021 1:04:28 AM

How To Wear A Wig?

I believe people who have never worn a wig usually find a way to wear it on the Internet. Now I will talk about the common wearing method and the wearing method that I think is the best.

Wearing a wig is mainly divided into two steps: wearing a wig cap and wearing a wig.

wig caplace wig

The first step: wearing a wig cap

It is easier to wear a wig cap for the short hair-just need to put your hair into the wig cap. But long hair is not easy to do. The most common teaching methods on the Internet mostly recommend trying to tie up or braid your hair, then wear a wig cap. However, the problem arises. Because the hair is tied or braided, there will always be rubber bands or areas where the braided braids are hard, and the head is easy to look uneven. The purpose of wearing a wig cap is to hide the real hair and adjust the shape of the head to the most round and perfect state-so the method of tying or braiding the hair before wearing the wig cap is not the best way to wear a wig cap.

Personally recommend the best way to wear a wig cap:

Regardless of the length of your hair, you do not need to tie your hair, put the wig cap on your neck, and then pull up the loose end of the wig cap to wrap all the hair into the cap without tie and braid, and then knead it with your hands. This method is easy to use. After careful kneading, the head will be round like a ball, and there will be no lumps and bags, and it will no longer affect the wearing effect of the wig.


1. When pulling the wig cap upwards, and the end of the wig cap facing downwards (that is, the end with the tight mouth) should be pressed against the hairline, not over it. The wig cap is easy to loose if it is pulled too far, and it is easy to leak out if the wig cap is not pulled enough.

2. For long hair and large hair volume, you may need to fix it with glue after the wig cap is worn. Or you can use small clips attach to the closing position to fix it.

3. Cut off the excess hair cap according to the hairline.

wear wig

Step 2: Wear a wig

As long as the wig cap is worn, the wig is easy to wear. The methods introduced on the Internet can be common. However, if you have no experience, you may wear it crookedly, or always feel strange, feel uncomfortable, or not beautiful enough after wearing it.

Here is a small secret to adjusting the wig to avoid the above problems. It was also taught to me by a certain chief mentioned earlier. It is very practical:

After the wig is completely worn on the head, touch the sideburns of the wig with both hands, pull one side with both hands, adjust to a symmetrical position, and it's OK!

wear lace wig

Summarize the wearing steps:

1. Open the wig cap with both hands, put the elastic end of the wig cap down, and put it into the neck.

2. Pinch the loose end of the hairnet wig cap with your hands and pull it up to cover the hair; with the tight end down, press the hairline. Be careful not to let the real hair miss the starting cap.

3. Pull up the tail of the wig cap, completely wrap the real hair, make it flat in the hair net, knead it by hand, and fix the closing position with a hair clip to avoid slipping.

4. Flip up the bangs of the wig and wear it from the front of the head to the back; after putting it on, pull the wig with both temples to make it stick to the top of the ears. (Also: if the wig tightness is not suitable, you can adjust the tightness adjustment buckle behind the inner net)

5. Comb and adjust to a suitable position to ensure accurate and symmetrical wearing position.

In fact, in summary, there is a small trick in each of the two big steps. If you master these two small tricks, it is no problem to wear a good wig!

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