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Do You Know Perfect Wig Length for You?

Everyone wants to have a perfect and realistic hairstyle. The length of the wig is also one of the critical factors affecting the appearance of hair. This blog will show you the details of different hair lengths and teach you to choose the appropriate hair length before purchasing.

What Is Wig Length?

The correct length of the wig will help provide the look you want. Knowing what wig length is will help you select the perfect wig.

A common mistake in the measurement of wigs is to mistake the length of wigs for measuring the length of hair from the root to the end. When you buy a wig based on this measurement principle, you will find that the wig you buy is shorter than the standard length.

The wig length refers to its original hair length, not the finished length or visual length. Different wigs with the same length have different textures, which may show different appearances in their length. This essentially means that wigs with the same length but different textures may have disparate appearances.

What Influence The Effects Of Wig Length?

The Crucial One: Hair Texture

As mentioned above, different kinds of hair textures affect the length of hair.

If you like straight hair, you don't have to feel anxious. Because the straight wig is the original hair length you selected, the hair bundle has no curls. Both wavy and curly hair have different original lengths of wigs. Generally speaking, with the same hair length, wavy hair looks slightly longer than curly hair. Because curly hair curls deeper than wavy hair.

Therefore, curly hair wigs are always one to two inches shorter than the standard length, while wavy hair is only one inch shorter than the actual length.

Your Height

Your height is the reference for choosing the length of the wig, which has a great impact on the length of the wig. If you are a slim and graceful girl, a 30-inch-long wig will be very suitable for you. If you are a small jasper-type girl, a 30-inch long high-quality wig looks too long.

How To Measure Your Wig Length?

Prepare a soft tape measure before starting.

1. For convenience, place a human hair wig flat on the table or put it on the wig stand.

2. Find the longest hair on the wig, and then measure it from the root with a tape measure.

3. Read the scale mark and write down the number.



How To Choose The Perfect Hair Length?

1. Figure Out Your Desire

There is no specific rule that can be applied to any girl. Choosing your ideal hair length depends largely on your personal preferences. If you already have a clear hairstyle goal, then look for the required wig length. You can seek help from the barber shop or the online customer service staff of the beauty salon. They will provide you with useful suggestions on what kind of wig length is most suitable for you.

2. Choose Hair Length According To Your Height

The same wig length can bring different appearances and feelings to women of different heights.

For small girls, it is better to choose the wig above the shoulder to meet the overall image. The wig below the shoulder is also beautiful, but too long over the shoulder will appear out of proportion.

3. Flatter Your Face Shape

Not only a fashionable hairstyle can improve the image, but also the appropriate wig length can improve your facial features.

Long curly hair and big waves play an important role in balancing face shape, and they are suitable for various face types. Long hair enhances the female characteristics of girls and appears amiable.

Refreshing short hair is used to decorate facial bones. For example, short wavy hair is more suitable for girls with square faces, which will make them fresh and energetic.

It is vital to choose the correct hair length. If you don't get the right length wig, even the expensive wig may not provide the charming feeling you want. In addition, there are no strict rules on the length of different types of wigs. You can decide according to these suggestions. Dare to try all kinds of beautiful hairstyles, and eventually, you will find the most suitable hairstyle.

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