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How To Blend Lace Front Wig

The lace front wig is the most mainstream, trendy, and natural-looking wig type in the hair market. To achieve natural-looking result, the lace frontal wig must be applied properly. Proper blending is one of the most important things. Otherwise, even if you have the perfect wig, there is no way to maximize its effectiveness and perfectness.

How can you melt the wig to match you perfectly? Today let us find the answers through these upcoming hacks.

Hack No. 1: tint the lace

To make the knots more invisible, you need to tine the lace with makeup. You can use the makeup you already have, such as powder foundation. The important thing is the makeup should match your skin tone as closely as possible. Turn the wig inside out, and apply your powder foundation carefully to the underside of the lace part.

Note: the applied makeup needs to be cleaned regularly to avoid damage to the wig.

Hack No. 2: pluck the hairline moderately

To be honest, most of the lace front wigs in the hair market have been pre-plucked. But it may not be natural/ suitable enough for you.

In this case, you need to give your lace front wig a bit more moderation, to make the hairline must be dispersed naturally from sparse to dense, and make the hairline more accordant with your face frame and your natural hairline.

Hack No. 3: trim the lace

Please avoid cutting the lace into a plain & stiff straight edge. On the contrary, there is no doubt that you should choose a jagged edge that will look much more natural and invisible when you lay down the lace.

Hack No. 4: get baby hair

Numberless wig wearers create baby hairs to mimic a natural hairline as realistically as possible. Just need to pick out a few thin hair strands separated from the hairline, and trim their length to around 1 inch, then use hair spray or mousse and an edge brush to lay baby hairs down into small curves along your hairline according to your liking and parting.

Hack No. 5: apply makeup

It is also essential to blend your makeup with the hairline carefully. Making the wig a part of your makeup routine can achieve nature-looking results. This will help create a natural and integrated look and minimize the appearance of any obvious seams.

Thanks for your time reading, and if you have any other excellent hacks, please feel free to share them in the following comment section. West Kiss Hair is one of the professional and experienced companies that has been wig business for decades to provide high-quality yet affordable human hair wigs. You are very welcome to try our lace front wigs as well.

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