Nov 8, 2023 1:06:31 AM

Can We Straighten A Lace Front Wig

West Kiss Hair has sold hair over decades with high quality and a good reputation. As a hair vendor, we are always asked by our customers if our curly or wavy hair products can be flat ironed. The answer must be yes! Because our products are 100% human hair, whose textures can be changed temporarily by applying heat and styling products.

However, human hair wigs are prone to damage by flat irons and other electric hair tools just like our own growing hair. It is better to use heat protection products before straightening your wig. Here is our wig straightening tutorial, after reading this blog, you can learn how to straightenlace front wigs without damaging your hair.

How To Straighten A Human Hair Lace Front Wig?

On the market, human hair lace wigs are usually made directly from high-quality human virgin hair bundles to natural hairstyles, so they can be flat ironed with heat treatment like our own natural hair. However, if it is dried and split because of high-temperature damage, it cannot be repaired by using hair care products like natural hair. So if you want your human hair lace front wig to reuse after straightening, you should be careful while flat ironing it.

To Straighten Your Wigs With Flat Iron

Required tools: Flat Iron, stand, clips, comb, heat protectant (oil or cream), heat-resistant gloves.

Firstly, you have to do a heat resistance test before straightening the whole wig. You can choose an inconspicuous area from the wig and take a small bundle of hair for heat resistance testing to ensure your human hair lace front wig can withstand direct heat. Then, please duly adjust the flat iron to low, medium, or high heat to increase its temperature and extend the flat iron from the middle of the hair bundle to the ends. If the hair is curled or melted, it means that the wig cannot withstand direct heat and then you need to choose a suitable temperature according to the test results.

After testing heat resistance, the next step is to fix the wig. Please place your wig on a styrofoam model head, fix it with a stand, pass a straight needle through the top of the wig, and insert it down into the wig styrofoam head.

Thirdly, it's time to spray heat protectant on the wig. Even if your human hair lace front wig has passed the heat resistance test, it is still necessary to spray heat protection products on the wig from the top to the end to form hair protection from damage, in this way, it can ock the hair's moisture and maintain the luster and texture of the wig.

Fourthly, you can organize your wig hair into sections. Please use a comb to smooth the knotted hair, and then use large clips to wind up most of the wigs (usually the top hair), leaving a small part of the wig for heat treatment. Then, you can heat the flat iron to the right temperature, and we do suggest you guys flat iron your wig at high temperatures with caution. For colored wigs, 350F degrees is the suggested temperature. Straightening your wig at a temperature above 400F degrees is not suggested for natural black hair since it will cause dryness to the wig.

Finally, it's time to straighten the hair with the heated flat iron. Please put on heat-resistant gloves, which can protect your hands, pick up the flat iron, pick a bundle of hair, hold the root of the hair with the flat iron, and slide it from top to tips of the hair, repeat about 2-3 times if necessary. At the same time, please be aware that be sure to leave the hot tools on your wig for no more than 30 seconds. After completing the first part, untie the other parts and straighten them In the same way until the entire wig is straightened.

After reading this blog, did you get the right ways to straighten a human hair lace frontal wig? Westkiss Hair provides high-quality straight wigs and wavy wigs for you to choose and buy, which is very convenient for you. If you need anything else, please feel free to contact us, we are waiting for you in Westkiss!