Common Problems And Nursing Products Of Human Hair Wig Care

Jul 10, 2020 7:29:20 PM

Common Problems And Nursing Products Of Human Hair Wig Care

Usually use wig will meet a variety of problems, this article mainly introduces a few common problems and some common things of human hair wig, hope to help you.

How Long Can A Human Hair Wig Last?

Generally speaking, if the wig is made of real human hair, most of them can be used for more than three years. If it is a common synthetic wig basically, it has been rough for more than a month.

However, I remind you that there is no absolute time for the use of human hair wigs. If the hair is well maintained, it can extend its service life. Therefore, it is very important to actively maintain.

Can A Human Hair Wig Be Combed?

Short human hair wig and straight human hair wig can be combed with a special steel-toothed comb, while curly hair bangs can be combed with the special steel-toothed comb. Do not use the hair comb when arranging the curly position, just use your hand to comb along with the curly.

Because it is easy to destroy the curly effect and make the human hair wig become straight. If there has a knot, the special steel tooth comb and special nursing liquid can be used according to the situation.

What Should You Do When Your Human Hair Wig Is Disordered?

If the lace front wig is not very disordered, you can use hair care cream and other hair nursing products and steel comb to comb the hair.

The human hair wig with hair nursing products which is very smooth, and then arrange the hair according to the curly.

If it's already very disordered, you have to take care of it again.

How To Tie A Human Hair Wig?

Soak the wig in warm water for a few minutes. After the wig is softened, it can be combed.

And then clean the human hair wig with special hair care nursing products, blow the wig dry with a hair dryer, and finally comb the wig with a wide tooth comb.

Human Hair Wig Trimming Skills

Fix the human hair wigs on the wig stand and trim it a little bit as you want.

It should be noted that do not cut too much at one time, or you can't modify it without cutting well.

Invisible Hair Net

After wearing the hairnet, your real hair will be covered, and the human hair wig will be closer to the scalp, so it will not look so fake.

Human Hair Wig Nursing Products

Non-oily maintenance fluid specially used for human hair wigs. While purchasing, in addition to own needs to choose to wash free or wash type products, to see whether the packaging has a formal label also very important.

Steel Comb

It is usually used to take care of lace wigs. It is easy to comb through without static electricity. Due to the sharpness of the comb tip, the use of real hair should pay attention to less contact with the scalp.

Wig Stand

The utility model relates to a supporting frame for supporting and protecting the wig, which makes it easier to place and prevent extrusion deformation.

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