Tips for wearing lace wig in summer

Jul 9, 2020 11:37:18 PM

Tips For Wearing Lace Wig In Summer


Previously, lace wigs were thought to be worn by people with thin hair or medical conditions.

But now, lace wigs are the new darling of fashionable girls. Lace front wigs are not only film actors, models and other people, or fashion people change the magic weapon hairstyle at any time.



Special remind


First, full lace wigs are generally not allergenic, but people whose bodies are most susceptible to allergies are advised not to wear them.


Second, Wig can produce certain effect to the skin of the head, the person that has dermatitis, eczema and other skin disease if wear hairpiece, can make illness aggravating, should wait for skin disease to be worn completely again.


Addition, summer weather is hot, wear a wig adverse to sweat, so, the wearer should choose a good quality wig when choosing a wig, had better take breathable mesh, and should not wear for a long time.


Finally, although wearing a human hair wig is very beautiful, wearing a wig can let us instantly change the shape, change the mood at the same time, but summer due to the hot weather.


There are still some need to pay attention to when wearing a wig, have a look!


1. Summer weather is too hot, do not wear wig for a long time, reduce the time that takes wig appropriately, may cause heatstroke.


2. Try not to close to the high temperature, wig is not resistant to high temperature of the current market sales of hair is low temperature silk, low temperature silk has flammability, so the wig needs to be fireproof, protein silk wig flame retardant.


3. Don't swim with human hair wig. Staying in water for a long time can damage wig.


4. In summer, when it rains a lot, don't get caught in the rain. Don't expose your human hair wig to rain, as rain is acidic and will shorten the life of your human hair wig.


5. In summer, do not wear wig too tight, easy to cause scalp discomfort.


6. Hot weather will make us sweat out oil, so in summer than in winter to wash the hair frequency is higher, we must keep the wig clean and hygienic, otherwise easy to cause scalp allergy.


7. 360 lace wig, 370 lace wig and full lace wig are available in ponytails to reduce your heat, so try to buy360 lace wig, 370 lace wig and full lace wig in the summer.


8. In summer, the lace wigs should be washed with clean water before being worn. Although the factory pays strict attention to production hygiene, the scalp is sensitive in summer to prevent scalp allergy.


9. Wear less dyed wigs, the formaldehyde content of national standard wigs should be lower than 75 grams per kilogram. Under the condition of reduction, the decomposition of aromatic amine is not allowed in raw materials, which may cause cancer. So for those who dye their hair, it's also a reminder not to dye their hair.



Wearing a wig, the most important thing is to keep the wig clean and hygienic.

Wig is divided by human and synthetic hair, it also have of course both union. You should often use a comb to comb off the dust on the wig, and must be cleaned regularly. Washing wig is an important part of maintaining wig, but there is a difference between human hair wig and synthetic hair wig.


Tips for washing wig in summer:


1. Wash the cheap lace front wigs with warm water. The temperature should not be too high. Put lace wig in lukewarm water first, 15~30 degrees are best, soak 5 minutes or so, water temperature is overheated the life that reduces hairpiece.


2. Never wash your human hair wig in a washing machine, as strong rotation in the machine may cause large amounts of wig to fall off or even fall apart.


3. Hand washing, do not rub too hard by hand, and do not soak for a long time.


4. After cleaning, cannot use washing machine jilt dry, also cannot use blow dryer or be basked in under the sun, after using dry towel bibulous, natural air dries is the most correct way.


5. Store wigs to be ventilated and breathable, although some wigs are synthetic hair, but also to consider ventilation when storage, otherwise the residual moisture and shampoo will easily corrode the wig.

In addition, it should be noted that after washing the wig do not comb immediately, should wait for the wig to dry after combing, using a special comb for wigs comb, can not be combed with plastic comb, hair basically do not use a comb, just rearrange the area of the roll every time you put it on.