How To Dye Your Wig Hair At Home?

Jul 8, 2020 2:41:22 AM

How To Dye Your Wig Hair At Home?


Have you got your own human hair wigs? Have you ever wanted to change your hair color or highlight your wig when you've been wearing it for some days? If so, come to my article with your expectations.


Before you start highlights, there are some tips you should know.


First, you need to know which color you want to bleach.

Second, you need to choose some dyed hair that you can buy either in a store or online.

Then, you must know to the price you want to buy according to your  hair wig amount. You must know to choose the best one that suits you. Finally, prepare a comb, a hair dye, two hairpins, a pair of disposable gloves, and two towels.

Here are some steps of bleaching and dyeing:

1.First, comb your full lace front wigs gently and gently by using air cushion comb. Then use the comb to make the baby hair smooth in the front.

2.You can check the instructions of the hair dye you buy, to see if you need to wet your hair before dying it, because different requirements for different products. Some hair needs to be wet, while some hair can be dry. The last time I dyed my hair, I bought Schwarzkopf, and the instructions said to color on dry hair. If you don't know what brand of hair dye to buy, I recommend you to buy Schwarzkopf, I use it very well, there is no pungent smell when dyeing hair, a flower fragrance, Strong thunder recommended!

3.After watching the instruction, mix the hair dye you bought well, then apply it a little from bottom to top with more times. The aim is to let the dyed hair cover the hair evenly, and it is very important to have a uniform hair colour, then wait 30mins and wash off. Wash your hair with clean water. Don't wash your hair wig with shampoo, or the color will fade. However, you can treat your hair with conditioner and blow dry.

4. If you feel that you are too light, or not the color you want, you can do it again, repeat the above steps, and then apply the essential oil when you are done.

5. If you still want to get your hair styled, just taking your curling iron and curl it the way you want and apply some essential oils at last.

For example, you can see this color - blonde lace front wig in the Westkiss Hair shop. I think the 613 blonde is beautiful.

There are some tips you should pay attention to after you dye your hair.

1. After the color is finished, do not apply hot air for a long time, because this will affect the hair color.

2. You should not wash your human hair wig in a short time, and you should not be exposed to the hot sun. In addition, people with sensitive skin are not easy to do hair dye.


These tips you should learn about deeply, just do it. Hope you will love this hair.

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