Some Tips Before The Purchase Of Full Lace Wigs

Apr 19, 2020 11:58:45 PM

Some Tips Before The Purchase Of Full Lace Wigs


We all like full lace wigs because they can give us the most realistic look like the hair growing from the scalp. In addition, full lace wigs are more widely used for they can be worn either in a ponytail or in hair. The wigs still look real despite the fact the whole hat is full of lace. If you are new to human hair lace wigs, the following situations should be noticed before the purchase.


1. You can wear a wig without hair.

If you want a big chop or shave the head, do it! You can wear a wig without hair. The wig is safe. Meanwhile, your hair will continue to grow below the wig.


2. The cheap full lace wig can be separated anywhere.

You can separate the full lace wig as needed, because the full lace wig can be separated anywhere, either in the middle part or in the side part.


3. If you want the wig with a light colour, do not buy the wig with dark colour.

If you want the wig with a light colour, please do not buy a black wig or brown wig. Once you buy the dark wig, you have to bleach it. The bleach will cause the wig to mess up, just as the hair will not be as soft as before. So the people with blonde hair and blue eyes deserve the light one.


4. Before wearing the wig, find a stylist to customize it for you.

In order to avoid messing your wig, if you are not a professional, please find a stylist to customize it for you. Let the stylist customize the wig according to your hairline, front hairline and back. So with the wig, you look like you own it instead of wearing it and it is terrible to look like the turf.

 5. You may see a bit of lace.

Unless you have enough baby hair to cover the lace-up, you may see a bit of lace. To be honest, you can see a bit of lace. But if it's not closed, it looks so natural and real, just as you can't see the lace at all if you wear the wig correctly.


6. Real hair lace wigs can not be worn forever.

Lace wig will not be worn forever. Though it is the good protective screen, it can’t be worn to death. Even if you wear it for a year without interruption, it's time to start buying a new one.


West kiss full lace wig is the highest quality 100% human hair with a variety of hair types, styles, textures, colours and curls hairstyles. You can choose to have the hairline plucked out in advanced, so these devices are designed to have the most natural appearance. Our full lace cap structure can achieve the versatility. The lace wig can be separated freely and styled as required. With the comb inside and adjustable strap on the back, our no-glue full lace cap can be worn and fixed without any adhesive or glue.