All About V-Part Wig You Need To Know

Jan 24, 2023 6:21:42 PM

All About V-Part Wig You Need To Know

There are many styles of wigs on the market. Recently, v-part wigs have come to the fore among wigs. Why do more and more wig wearers and wig lovers choose to wear v-part wigs, this article will help you understand the details of v-part wigs

What is a V-part wig?

You've probably heard of, or even used, U-part wigs, which have a small hole at the top and a braided track is sewn into the wig cap with an opening. You can remove natural hair from the U-shaped opening. The V-Part wig is an improvement on the U-Part wig. Its part shape is shown as "V", so we can also call it a V-part wig.

U part wig

What is the difference between a U-part wig and a V-part wig?

When wearing U-shaped wigs, individual guests may encounter this situation, and there are times when the weft is so hard that it is difficult to get them to lay flat in that U-shaped wig. There is another case for some clients who have thin hair on top that barely covers the track. Unlike U-part wigs, V-part wigs have no weft to cover. The V-shaped opening is a lot smaller in size than a U-shaped wig, and you don't need as much hair to create a hairline. If you only want to show a small amount of hair, a V-part wig is more suitable.

V part wig

Why will V-part wigs become a new trend?

1. Easy to put on and take off. No skill is required to put on a V-part wig. You just put it on and use a clip and comb to keep it in place. So, save at least 15 minutes to get you out of the house during the workday and get more sleep. It is also very friendly to beginners who have not tried human hair wigs before.

2. Zero damage. Since it has no lace, it doesn't require glue at all. No need to bleach any knots either, we all know that mishandling the bleaching process can lead to lace damage and, worse, hair loss. With this complete glue-free V-part wig, there is no need to worry about chemical damage at all, so your hair is well protected. Your scalp will definitely get a break and help your hair grow.

V part wig

3. Flexible hairstyles. You are also free to make the side part or the middle part according to your liking. And you can also add accessories to try out different styles, such as headbands, clips, and more.

4. Acceptable price. Compared to lace wigs, V-part wigs are more affordable due to their mechanical structure. A V-part wig with 100% human hair is only two-thirds or even half the price of a lace wig of the same length.

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