7 Most Popular Hair Textures For Human Hair Weaves

Aug 4, 2021 12:00:00 AM

7 Most Popular Hair Textures For Human Hair Weaves

People always need to choose a kind of hair texture when buying human hair weaves or a human hair wig. A suitable hair texture can instantly boost attractiveness. Today's article contains details of the 7 most popular hair textures of human hair weaves. People need to learn to know these hair textures features before buying.

1. Straight Hair

The first introduction is the most classic hair texture: straight hair. It is a beautiful hairstyle that can present silky and flying charm. Compared to other wavy hairstyles, straight hair is plain, regular. People will usually choose to have it layered for different lengths. A hair with layers looks more stylish. On the other hand, straight hair is easy to maintain, comb, and not easy to get tangled. Straight hair products are suitable for first-time buyers. This is also always the right choice when people don't know what to buy. Classic straight hair never goes wrong, never out of style.

2. Body Wave

Some people are born with straight hair, but they always want to get their natural hair curled to crave a more interesting, different look. Body wave hair has the biggest, loosest curls than other wavy hair textures. With a perm of body wave hair, get body wave hair weaves, or have a body wave hair wig can make people's look natural, allow people to create a new look. This hairstyle is simple but elegant, and very feminine.

3. Curly Hair

As a popular hair texture, curly hair products are top-selling in West Kiss online shop, like curly hair wigs, curly hair weaves. Many customers prefer this hairstyle, especially African American women. Curly hair is curled by tube number six from straight hair. The curls are tighter and irregular than other wavy hair textures. No matter wearing a curly wig or adding curly hair weaves, both can make people look fluffy and soft, and help add their hair volume. It is a must every trendy girl can't miss. Get a special part of people's personality hairstyles can reflect the unique temperament, infinite charm exudes charisma.

4. Deep Wave

5. Loose Deep Wave

Not only for names but also for appearances, deep wave hair and loose deep wave hair are similar. They are both ladder-shaped, ups and downs in the same direction. The main difference is that loose deep wave hair has a different level of curls, it is looser than deep wave hair. If people like tighter curls, they can choose deep wave hair. If people like loose curls, they can choose loose deep wave hair.

6. Water Wave / Natural Wave

Water wave hair is an individual hair texture that can show the unique temperament and personality of people. Why is it called a water wave? Because the appearance of it looks like water ripples. It is a cute hair texture that can make girls look more playful and lovely. Different body wave hair, water wave hair represents more youthful energy. Water wave hair wigs are always hot-selling.

7. Loose Wave

The loose wave hair has a big compressed "S" shape pattern. The loose wave hair is like a waterfall vertically over the shoulders that looks shining and charming. No matter long hair or short hair with loose wave hair are both good-looking.

Bundles Textures

8. Buy All Popular Hair Textures In West Kiss Hair

All seven popular hair textures of hair products are available in West Kiss Hair. These hair textures are all made of high-quality 100% virgin human hair to assure quality. West Kiss Hair is an honest, reliable hair company that has plentiful stocks to keep customers satisfied. It is time to get a new hair wig, a new hair look for summer.