4 Factors You Need To Consider Before Buying The Wig

  As many of us might have witnessed, more people are buying hair products. Wearing a hair wig not only can protect your own hair from damage but also can upgrade your fashion rating. Today I will offer some shopping tips to help you choose a perfect hair wig: 4 factors you need to consider before buying the wig.

1. Buy Human Hair Wigs

  The materials are the foundation of all kinds of hair products, so it is essential to choose the right hair materials before purchasing a hair wig. The materials of hair wigs can be divided roughly into two parts: synthetic hair and human hair. The quality of human hair wigs will be better, and it also looks more natural and real than synthetic wigs. The raw materials we used are all 100% human virgin hair, the quality of which are reliable and stable, so you can rest assured that all hair wigs in West Kiss Hair are superior.

4 Factors You Need To Consider Before Buying The Wig

2. Check The Wig Construction

  Wigs construction is another important part while selecting a wig. There are advantages to each wig, I can't say which kind of wig construction is the best, so I will suggest you choose the most suitable one.

1) Lace Wigs

  Most people will always choose lace wigs, lace wigs including lace frontal wigs, and lace closure wigs. The difference between these two kinds of lace wigs is the size of the lace area. The lace area of a lace frontal normally is bigger than lace closure. The bigger the lace area of lace wigs you choose, the more real looking you will get. Lace wigs can get closer to your scalp, offer a natural hairline, and fit your head more perfectly. That's why lace wigs are always the top-selling.

4 Factors You Need To Consider Before Buying The Wig

4 Factors You Need To Consider Before Buying The Wig

2) New Arrival Wigs

  Besides the lace wigs, there are also various new arrival wigs in our online shop: invisible wigs, lace part wigs, headband wigs, U part wigs, PU skin wigs. These kinds of hair wigs most have less or no lace, so the installations are more convenient and easier than lace wigs, and the prices also are more competitive and affordable for most customers.

4 Factors You Need To Consider Before Buying The Wig

3. Measure Your Head Size

  No matter what you buy, clothes, shoes, hair wigs, etc... choosing the right size is important to everyone. Incorrect sizing can reduce your comfort and affect your shopping experience. You should measure your head size before buying a hair wig. How to measure the head size and choose a suitable wig? West Kiss Hair is providing a wig cap size chart and measuring method in product details, you can please kindly have a check or you can check the below insert picture directly.

4 Factors You Need To Consider Before Buying The Wig

4. Find The Vendor To Buy Suitable Wigs

  Not trying to brag, but only showing that West Kiss Hair can actually offer all kinds of hair products you need. If you can't find the hair products you want, you can please contact us, we also offer customized service. With years' experience and professional knowledge, we are confident that we can satisfy your requirement.  

  We will always be your best vendor and support you all the time.