Will the wig end split?

Sep 1, 2022 2:08:16 AM

Will the wig end split?

The split end of the wig is a problem that many girls and children will encounter. Some people will pay special attention to it, while some people don't care much about the bifurcated hair. However, no one is willing to go out with a hairy head. Therefore, many people welcome soft hair. This article is about how to repair and eliminate wig bifurcations.

1. What is bifurcation?

Bifurcations are mostly due to the fragility of the hair when it is dry and worn, and the hair bundle is worn or separated into two or more fragments.

This situation usually occurs in extreme weather conditions, or blowing, straightening, and crimping techniques are often used. Although they often appear at the end of your hair, they can appear anywhere in your hair bundle.

2. Will the wig bifurcate?

Artificial wigs may diverge, especially when the care is improper, or if you often use hot styling tools on your hair. After all, neither human wigs nor artificial wigs can repair themselves and nourish hair by obtaining natural oil and nutrition from the scalp like natural hair. Once the wig forks, the damage will be permanent.

3. What caused the split?

The main component of hair is keratin. There are many reasons for hair bifurcation, such as chemical damage and physical damage. Hair bifurcations are common in daily life and are closely related to damage to hair quality. The main reason is that the nutrition supply of hair ends is not enough.


Generally, when the ends of your hair become dry, fragile, and worn, there will be bifurcation.

The drier the hair is, the more fragile the tail will be, and the hair in this state will be easier to bifurcate and break. If you often use curlers and other tools to shape your wig, when you apply a lot of heat to the wig, this heat will dry your hair. Then these hot shapers may be the culprit leading to the bifurcation of wigs.


Many people like to dye their lace front wigs. They can make their wigs more beautiful by dyeing, but the process of dying inevitably requires the use of chemicals such as hair dyes, which will make the ends of wigs dry and easy to crack

Improper care

In the process of washing, nursing, and drying, if the nursing method is not correct, too much friction will gradually make the hair fragile,

This will damage the ombre wigs and cause bifurcations. For example, after washing the wig, you should first use a towel to gently suck away the water from the hair washing, rather than twisting the wig hard, which will only increase friction and cause damage to the wig.


4. How to repair the bifurcation on the wig?

Once the wig forks, there is no way to repair it. The only way you can get rid of the forks is to cut them off.

If your human hair closure wig has begun to bifurcate and the damage is too great to control, we recommend that you have it trimmed by a professional hairdresser.

It's best to do it every 6-8 weeks, trimming between 1/2 inch and 1 inch each time, especially if your hair is long and you want to maintain its length.

Remember, you can only do this a few times because your hair won't grow back!

If you are going to buy a wig for yourself, you can learn about wig bifurcation through this article. When your wig does not have these problems, you can take timely measures to care for it.

If your wig has a bifurcation problem, you can read our next article to learn how to prevent and care for the bifurcation of your wig, hoping to help you find your way of care wigs.