WestKiss Hair: The Knowledge Of Weave Human Hair Wigs

Jul 20, 2020 8:06:54 PM

WestKiss Hair: The Knowledge Of Weave Human Hair Wigs

Weave Human Hair Wigs VS Common Wigs

1.The effect of weave hair is more natural and realistic than the common wig. The materials for weave hair wig are all real human hair, just like the hair growing from the hair root, which saves the trouble of common wigs.

2.Weave human hair wigs are easy and comfortable to use. After wearing the human hair wig, the relaxed and comfortable feeling is like natural hair.

3.It is absolutely safe without any side effects while using weave hair wigs.

4.Weave hair is not a surgical operation, but a "hair beauty" service, so there is no pain and danger.

5.After wearing the weave hair, you can wash and blow your hair by yourself, swim, play ball games, or do some strenuous exercise. Don't worry about the defects of common wigs being lifted off.

6.No need to cooperate with any special shampoo, conditioner, etc., which can avoid extra consumption.

7.Wide range of application, regardless of age and number of hair, it is suitable to use weave hair wig.

The Service Life Of Weave Hair

The service life of weave hair is affected by many factors:

1.Hair quality factor: As we all know, weave hair is made of 100% real human hair, but it is different from our hair naturally growing in the scalp. The quality of weave hair is closely related to treatment technology. If the hair quality is good, just wash it and comb it. The treated hair is very smooth, glossy and not easy to fall off.

2.Crochet Technology: Crochet technology mainly refers to the manual skills of craftsman. A good factory must pass strict training before taking up the post of crocheting and hair products, so the price of good products must be higher.

The quality is guaranteed, which is closely related to the manufacturer's technology. Good products are almost single two crochet, and some poor products are four or five crochet, which is fast, but the manual is rough, easy to fall off, and the emulation effect is poor.

3.Cleaning And Maintenance: Although real human hair is used for weave hair, and after many processes, there is no nutrition supply after all. Therefore, cleaning and maintenance procedures are also very important.

Generally, you should use moisturizing shampoo, conditioner and baking cream to keep your wig moist and glossy.

We suggest that the cleaning frequency of weave human hair wig should be lower. In summer, it is recommended to clean every 5-7 days. In winter, it can be longer, and it can be cleaned once every 10-15 days. The service life of weave hair is directly related to the frequency of cleaning and maintenance. The more you wash, the faster the damage will be.

4.PU Rubber
In order to set the hair shape, PU rubber is usually used to make the edge around the hair, or to make the boundary and forehead. This PU is a polyurethane material. Because the sweat secreted by human body contains alkaline matter, it will corrode polyurethane materials for a long time, thus reducing the service life of knitted hair products.

In addition, some customers use the paste method, often tear the adhesive tape, but also have a certain pull on the rubber, causing damage to the PU rubber. Generally, thick PU rubber can be used two to three years is no problem. The thinner one is for one to two years. However, now we have developed the lace wig without PU weave hair products, the cheap full lace wig product service life will be longer, three to five years.

To sum up, the service life of weave hair is not general. It is necessary to select the most suitable one according to the requirements of each customer and the hair condition.

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