West Kiss Hot Product: HD lace Frontal Wig, Wear it Now!

Sep 3, 2020 12:50:46 AM

West Kiss Hot Product: HD lace Frontal Wig, Wear it Now!

       1.What is an HD Frontal Wig?

  HD lace front wig means the wig is made by swiss HD lace frontal with some human hair bundles. The biggest difference compared with other lace frontal wigs is that the type of lace. HD lace is an upgrade version of other normal laces, it needs to take 3 days elaborate hand-making and has smaller invisible knots which is twice as much as other standard laces. HD lace wig is not only popular in hair wigs market, but also a star product in West Kiss Store. It is lighter, more delicate than other human hair lace wigs.

        2. Which is the better HD or transparent lace?

1) As you can see from the below picture, HD lace can melt into your own skin more perfectly and makes the hairline look more like the real scalp.

2) HD lace is lighter and thinner than the normal lace, and transparent lace is the normal lace in transparent color.

3) Normally people need to choose different lace colors (light brown, medium brown, transparent) to fit different skin colors. But HD lace can match all skin colors perfectly.

4) Different craft has different price, transparent lace is more affordable and competitive than HD lace. If your budget is limited, transparent lace is a better choice.

West Kiss Hot Product: HD lace Frontal Wig, Wear it Now!
        3. How long should an HD frontal last?

  As the above said, HD lace frontal needs to take a longer time to make, so the workmanship also will be more perfect than others. Better products need to get better care, to make maintaining is the key method to prolong the usage life of HD lace frontal. If you handle it carefully, the life of HD lace frontal can up to one year or more.

  You can please kindly check below HD lace wigs care tips for reference.

1) Normally the hair needs to be washed and conditioned at least once a week. Of course, that also depends on the time you wear it. Gently comb it by wide-tooth comb and try to remove all tangles before washing it. Sometimes you can use a spray conditioner when you meet some stubborn tangles. We recommend you hold the wig under the shower and wash it by warm water with a good shampoo. Because it will be easier to get tangled if you wash it in a washbasin.

2) It is better to allow your human hair wig to air dry on a wig stand after finishing washing. Before it’s totally dry, put some essential oil on the hair, it will help the absorption.

3) Please don’t comb it when the hair wig is wet, it will be a big damage to it.

West Kiss Hot Product: HD lace Frontal Wig, Wear it Now!

       4. How to shop an HD frontal wig on West Kiss Hair?

  Firstly, you need to get into our store homepage - West Kiss and then find the navigation bar like the below insert picture shows. Click the “HD lace wigs”, you will enter the page of HD lace wig. Then you can start to select a particular type as what you like. 

West Kiss Hot Product: HD lace Frontal Wig, Wear it Now!

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