West Kiss Colored Wigs Collection

Mar 22, 2023 7:46:00 PM

West Kiss Colored Wigs Collection

Autumn and winter are just and will be around the corner. These two seasons allow us to try some new hair colour and hairstyles to light up the dullness and humdrum of life. West Kiss Hair provides a wide range of wig collections. It enables you to easily obtain beautiful and colourful hairstyles in autumn and the coming winter. In order to help you choose the colour that suits you and give you more options, we collect together some of our favourite and popular coloured wigs among our customers to stimulate you with more inspiration.

1. Reddish Brown Wigs Collection

When we talk about autumn, what will immediately jump into your mind? Red maple leaves? Crispy and sweet air? The crunch of golden leaves? Although people often say that late autumn is very boring, as all things on earth are fading away, it is hard for us to deny that autumn has its own unique charm. So how about selecting new and perfect hairstyles to math this charming season and to show your own charm as well? Reddish brown wigs might be one of the right choices for you.

For reddish brown wigs, we have different curves for you to choose from: body wave, kinky curly, deep wave, and kinky straight.

l Reddish Brown Human Hair Wigs-Body Wave & Deep Wave

These classic body wave and deep wave wigs are one of our new arrival products. The hair colour is just like hot chocolate and is a perfect match for the autumn season. You can choose between two lace sizes, 5x5 and 13x4, which with enough parting-space. The hair length is ranging from 16 inches to 26 inches. The default density is 180% density, and the cap size also defaults to Medium size, but we can also customize small or large caps.

brown color wigs


l Reddish Brown Human Hair Wigs-Kinky Curly & Kinky Straight

If you want to achieve a more cute and chic style, we believe these two options might be the best choices for you. No matter whether you tie it in a ponytail or hand it down loosely with a headband, it will definitely look stylish and fashionable. And although the default density of these two wigs is 180%, they will look fuller, thicker, and fluffier visually than body wave and deep wave wigs due to the characteristics of the hair wavy.

Brown color wigs

2. Burnt Orange Wigs Collection

Burnt orange, a medium dark orange which arouses the vision of flames, has been gradually becoming a trend in autumn and winter. It always reminds people of pre-winter time and gives people a sense of warmth, solace, and togetherness. Therefore, it is also a good choice to choose a burnt orange coloured wig in winter. We will introduce you to two types of our burnt orange wigs.

l Body Wave Burnt Orange Wig

This coloured wig is made of 100% real human hair, so it is very soft and natural as your own hair. Whether attending important occasions or for daily use, the classic body wave will give people a feeling of sexy and casual. We have 5x5 lace and 13x4 lace with 16inces to 22inches hair length for you to choose from.

Brown color wigs

l Layered Straight Burnt Orange Wig

Compared with solely straight wigs, layered straight wigs are styled into different layers, and the top layer is shorter than the lower layer, so it is more stylish and chic. Here are some details about this coloured wig we sell on our website. It is a 5x5 lace closure wig with hair length varying from 16inches to 22inches. It is also a affordable wig and beginner-friendly. Don't miss it.

Brown color wigs

3. Ombre & Highlights Wigs Collection

Many people might have a common misconception that hair colour is always deep red in autumn or winter. But this kind of colour only suits some people due to different skin tones. And as the climate cools down, the reddish brown colour may not suit the atmosphere. Sometimes, blonde and mixed highlights coloured might be the right answer. We need to know that blonde and highlights colour is not exclusive to summer. A beautiful blonde and highlights wig blond girl will be stunning all year round.

l Blonde Ombre Wig With Dark Roots

This 13x4 lace front wig with #4 brown roots at the front and #27 honey blonde highlight at the back is gaining many customers, influencers, and celebrities' compliments. Hair length varies from 16 inches to 26 inches. It is one of the best-selling coloured wigs recently. The curl pattern is a body wave that is very sexy and will never be out of date.

highlight wig

l Black Wig With Honey Blonde Highlights Wig

The highlight colour will eliminate dullness and give you a new look. This piano-coloured 13x4 lace front human hair wig is mixed with natural black and honey blonde, and the colour is very natural. Hair length ranges from 14inches to 24inches.

highlight wig

After the above brief review of our coloured wigs, have you picked a favourite and suitable one? Follow up with West Kiss Hair, get more wig and fashion information.

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