Mar 4, 2018 9:47:23 PM

The Different Between Lace Front Wig and Full Lace Wig

Sometimes the natural hair community moves so fast that we forget that not everyone understands what's going on and it can be a bit confusing. Case in point what's the difference between Remy hair and non-Remy hair? No worries we've got you covered here. The difference between a lace front wig and a full lace wig?

Let's start with Lace Front Wigs:
A lace front wig is exactly what it sounds like. This wig has a sheer lace strictly in the front edges of the unit that are cut off just prior to being installed on your head. The lace front wig provides the illusion of a natural hairline. The base of a lace front wig isn’t made of lace, but of a thicker material that is still comfortable/wearable. Lace front wigs are often worn by many celebrities, but there are a few cons to this type of unit. With the baby hair effect, there can often be issues with the tape/glue used to adhere the wig to the front edge of the skin. For starters, you are putting excessive amounts of stress on the perimeter of your edges if done too frequently. This can cause permanent damage if not handled correctly. The tape/glue can also interact with the skin and form a pulling type effect that will be a dead giveaway. Most times you can also see the glue if too much is installed We&rsquo've seen this occur to many celebrities in the limelight as well.

Full Lace Wigs:
Full lace wigs have a base that is made fully of lace, unlike the lace front wig. This means full lace wigs are a bit more versatile than a lace front wig because they can be worn in different hairstyles. This puts full lace wigs at a higher price point than a lace front wig as well. A full lace wig covers the entire head and must be installed slightly different than a lace front wig that is only attached at the front edges of your head. It is best to wear a wig cap, especially when installing a full lace wig since it will be covering your entire head.