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How To Make A Lace Front Closure Virgin Hair

Today we will emphasize how to make Lace Front Closure Virgin Hair in few easy steps. This would help many to understand how it works. In addition, we will have an idea as to why it’s so popular among African American women who are known for their epic hairstyles all over the world. What exactly it is- The best feature of a lace front closure is it gives a better look and feel as compared to wigs. Below are the quick steps for creating a lace front closure. Below are the quick steps for creating a lace front closure.

Preparation Of The Lace Front
In order to get a perfectly fitted closure, we have to measure the entire diameter of the head. Before commencing, to get the exact measurement to flatten the hairs on the head as much as possible. Now to get the measurement, we have to hold the measuring tape on our natural hairline and run it back to the place where we want the front of the lace closure. In the same way, we need to measure it from side to side. In order to do this, we have to hold the measuring tape just in front of an ear where our natural hairline ends and wrap up the measuring tape over the head to the same spot in front of the opposite ear.

Create The Design
The easiest way to do this is by taking a thin plastic wrap and putting it over the entire head, make sure that it doesn’t get loosened up, so the best is to tie it in the back. In addition, we have to apply a clear adhesive to the plastic wrap and then start the design part. The wrap should be tight while taking the measurement from the front to back and for the two sides of the ears. Mark the natural hairline using a pencil and then tape it accordingly.

Getting The Design
Here we remove the plastic design or pattern from the head prepare it to pin it to the lace wig block. We have to make sure that the design is properly secured on the wig block.

Placing The Lace On The Block
Here we have to cover the lace over the pattern on the block. Please ensure that we have to trace the hairline using small straight pins, so be careful. Start with the front hairline and then move back towards the back. The pattern has to be tightly secured and the pinning process should be the same. If there is any extra lace falling, we can sew it up and pin the tip of the fold to secure it.

Final Testing Time
Finally, we can move away from the pins from the lace and remove the cap from the design. Place it on your head to check the fitting of the cap and adjust it accordingly.

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