Some Tips for Human Hair Wig Beginners

May 30, 2023 6:17:00 PM

Some Tips for Human Hair Wig Beginners

Since the popularity of human hair wig products, more and more people have begun to choose wigs that are more convenient to wear. But many customers have not used human hair wigs before, and they want us to help them choose the proper wig, and also, they want to learn about how to install the wig correctly.

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Most hair stores offer a wide variety of wigs, like human hair lace front wigs, closure wigs, headband wigs, V-part wigs, colored wigs, and long inches wigs. So how to choose a wig product is indeed an important issue when faced with more and more choices. Today, I would like to give you some advice here.


How to Choose the Proper Wig as a Beginner?

If you're wearing a human hair lace front wig for the first time now, the basic model is the least error-prone for you. You may want to start with natural colors and styles before moving on to more styling and coloring. Such as natural black straight human hair wigs or body wave wigs. Choosing a wig that is close to your natural color and cut well initially can help you feel comfortable wearing your new wig.

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Don't worry, each hair is hand-hooked into a soft lace and mesh cap by workers for a super comfortable and soft fit. No harsh mechanical stitching, even if you look closely! It's as if it were your own naturally growing hair!


Maybe you prefer to keep your hair away from your face sometimes. I will recommend a HD lace front wig for you. Handmade, the hair is smooth and supple, with enough lace parts allowing you to divide the hair into parts that suit you best; and for the details of the forehead, we provide the natural hairline and baby hair.


As far as sizing goes, our most popular selection is the one medium size fits.

About 90% of customers choose the medium size wig. Even if you're a little out of shape for this size, all of our wigs for women come with an adjustable elastic band sewn inside the head cover, so you can adjust your wig, and tighten or loosen it to fit your head.


After purchasing a human hair wig, you can have the stylist install it for you first, matching the wig to your facial features so that you look natural and beautiful.

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How to Install a Real Human Hair Wig?

Step 1. Braid your natural hair and secure it with pins, minimizing space so as not to look bloated.

Step 2. Put on your wig. Cut the lace to match your hairline maximally.

Step 3. Secure Your Wig Without Glue

1. Apply the mousse to the perimeter of the wig, using a blow dryer gently to melt it.

2. Add baby hair on the head to cover the lace and hairline.

3. Wear the elastic bandage for a few minutes to flatten and secure the lace front.

Step 4.

Design your lace front wig. You can iron it or curl it to your desired look. Of course, when buying a wig, you can also directly choose the curvature you want, so that you can take care of it a little while wearing it and go out directly.

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Where to Find Wigs with Good Quality and Easy Installation?

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