How To Flat Iron Lace Front Wig

May 17, 2023 7:49:00 PM

How To Flat Iron Lace Front Wig

If you're new to lace front wigs or still haven't had the confidence to style a lace front wig on your own, you may be questioning if I can straighten a lace front wig or wondering how to straighten a lace front wig. Human hair lace front wigs are directly made of high-quality human virgin hair into natural hairstyles, and this means these lace front wigs can be straightened by heat like natural hair. However, lace front wigs may be damaged due to high-temperature damage. Sadly the damage caused by overheating cannot be repaired by the hair care process which may work for natural hair.

So if you want your human hair lace front wig to continue to be gorgeous after straightening, you need to be careful when straightening your hair. In this below wig straightening tutorial, you can learn how to easily straighten wigs without damaging your hair irreversibly.

straight lace front wig

Prepare Items:

Lace Front Wig, Wig Stand, Pins, Heat Protectant Product, Clips, Flat Iron, Wide-toothed Brush

Usually, for human hair lace front wig, you can straighten it with a flat iron. It is recommended to choose a professional-grade ceramic iron as it distributes heat evenly and directly.

Remember to apply for heat protection on your hair before straightening your lace front wig. A flat iron is extremely hot, and it's important to use the correct heat-protecting products on your wig in order to maintain the hair's moisture and luster.

While preheating your flat iron, fix this wig on your wig stand and divide your wig into several sections (you can fix them by clips) for further operation. Once the temperature of your flat iron goes up, start to glide through the hair from its root to its tip gently section by section at a time. If necessary, repeat sliding 2-3 times.


Do not go over the same strand of hair too many times. It is not suggested to use hot tools too often or leave the hair on hot tools too long.

Flat ironing your wig at a temperature above 400F degrees is not suggested since it will cause dryness in the wig. For colored hair, the heating temperature needs to be lower.

Be careful while using the flat iron, otherwise, you may burn yourself accidentally, such as your forehead and ears.

After the whole wig is cool down completely, please take a wide-toothed brush and comb the hair gently and evenly.


We would love to hear if you have tried or tested other tips that work perfectly! Share with us in the comments section below., please. West Kiss hair is one of the professional and experienced companies that has been wig business for decades to provide high-quality yet affordable human hair wigs. And we also offer lace front wigs. You are very welcome to try our products as well.

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