Simple Steps Of Coloring A Human Hair Lace Front Wig

Feb 7, 2023 11:35:12 PM

Simple Steps Of Coloring A Human Hair Lace Front Wig

As a wig wearer, a natural black lace front wig is the first choice, because the natural black lace frontal wig not only fits most skins but also is convenient to maintain. However, we always would like to challenge different hairstyles and need to add some colors to our life and show personalities, so more and more young women are opting for colorful wigs. If you dont want to order a colored wig directly but want to have one special colored wig, please read this blog, you can get some simple ways to dye a wig.


Before dying a wig, you need to wash your lace front wig and then apply a deep conditioner to it for about one hour, which can help prevent damage and keep your human hair lace frontal wig looking shiny and healthy.

Next, you need to dry your wig after conditioning. We dont suggest using a hair dryer, in that this might hurt your wig. You can let it air dry if you have enough time.

Then please make sure to use a wide-toothed comb to gently brush the wig, because if it is tangled or matted up, the dye will not go on evenly.

Finally, you need to separate your wig into 4-6 even pieces with hair ties, and every section should have about the same amount of hair, as this will make it easier to get the dye through the wig and will help you see how much hair you have left to dye.

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Steps Of Applying The Dye

1. Mixing Up Your Hair Dye According To Instructions

Firstly, you can choose any type of hair dye to put on a lace front wig, because the wig is normally made of human hair. Keep in mind, if you’re going to be dyeing a dark color wig brighter, you have to bleach the hair.

Next, we suggest finding a 20-volume hair developer that will let you change the color by one or two shades, and then put on rubber gloves that will protect your hands from staining by the dye.

Finally, mix the dye and the developer in a plastic or ceramic bowl. Read the instructions on the dye clearly to check how much dye you have to combine with the developer.

2. Applying Dye

Before dyeing your whole wig, you need to test a small strip of the hair in case you dont like the color. If you love the color, you can apply the dye to the left hair and then soak the wig in the dye.

Soak the human hair lace wig in the bowl with the dye. Gently scoop the dye over the wig with your hands and spread it through the layers of the wig. After doing this, please use T-pins to fix your wig on a wig stand, which will keep your wig's shape and style intact. Next, use a wig brush to make the dye throughout the wig to make sure that the dye is evenly applied to the whole wig.

Finally, leave the wig to let the color set for about 30 or 40 minutes. You can wash it when it has reached your desired color.

3. Washing Your Wig After Dyeing

After the wig reaches the right color, the final step we should do is wash the wig. First, place the wig under a tap with warm water to remove any excess dye before lathering the wig with a color-safe shampoo or a special wig shampoo. Rinse out the shampoo once finished.

Apply a deep conditioner to the tips of the wig except for hair roots. It will give extra shine to the wig. Rinse out the conditioner with lukewarm water. Gently pat the hair dry with a towel, then squeeze the wig with the towel to remove excess water. Finally, place the wig back on the wig stand to let it air dry.

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