Lace Wigs VS Lace Frontal Wigs VS Lace Closure Wigs

Feb 16, 2021 9:51:00 AM

Lace Wigs VS Lace Frontal Wigs VS Lace Closure Wigs

  Lace wigs are one of the most popular kinds of hair wigs. Do you know the differences between these different lace wigs? Don't worry, the information about lace wigs that you want to know will be introduced today.

1. What Is A Lace Wig?  

  A lace wig normally is made of 100% human hair bundles and swiss lace. According to lace sizes, lace wigs can be divided into three types: lace closure wigs, lace frontal wigs, full lace wigs. According to lace colors, lace wigs also can be divided into three types: medium brown lace wigs, transparent lace wigs, HD lace wigs.

2. What Is A Cheap Lace Front Wig?

  The lace front wig is a common type of lace wigs. It is always popular and hot-selling. And lace front wigs are half machine-made and half hand-made lace wigs. A lace front wig is made of some 100% virgin human hair and a 13x4 lace frontal. Every 13x4 lace frontal has 13 inches long width which covers a human's forehead from ear to ear, and 4 inches long depth which sets in the middle of a human's scalp.

3. How To Install A Lace Frontal Wig?

  After getting your own lace frontal wig, you also need to know how to install it properly. Next, I will introduce the installation of a lace front wig simple.

3.1 Handle your own hair and make them flat

The first step is to make your own human hair flat get close to your scalp as possible as you can. The closer you make your hair to your scalp, the more natural look you can have after installing.  I'm going to be giving you a few tips then. If you feel your own hair is hard to be flat, you can try to use some gel with some extra bobby pins to help securely. What's more, wearing a hair cap also can help protect your real hair. Make sure all your hair needs to be packed into the hair cap.

3.2 Begin to wear the lace front wig

Then you can start to install the lace front wig directly. Remember to use the adjustable strap to adjust your wig for a perfect fitting. Pay attention to make the edge of the lace front matches your hairline well. The better installation you have, the more real wig look you can get.

3.3 Use glue to secure and do a final check

Finally, it's better to use glue to secure the whole wig. After gluing the wig, don't forget to trim the extra lace to complete the whole style. Doing a final check is also necessary, checking if everything of this lace front wig is perfect on your head.

4. Standard Lace Closure VS Lace Frontal, What Is The Difference?

  There are some differences between lace closure and lace frontal.

4.1 Lace Area

  A lace closure is smaller than a lace frontal, as the width of a lace frontal is wider than a lace closure. Normally the width of a lace frontal is 13 inches long which can cover a human’s forehead from ear to ear.

4.2 Price

  The price of a lace closure will be more affordable and cheaper than a lace frontal. Because it has a smaller lace area.

4.3 Installation

  As the width of a lace closure is shorter than a lace frontal. Sometimes people even don’t need to use glue to install lace closure wigs. It is friendly to beginners.

Lace Wigs VS Lace Frontal Wigs VS Lace Closure Wigs

5. How Do You Get The Closure To Lay Flat Without Using Tape Or Glue Adhesive?

  Sometimes you will find the lace closure is hard to be flat. How to solve this problem? Firstly, you have to check if your own human hair is flat enough. The flatness of your own hair determines the flatness of your lace closure in a way. If it does still not work, you can try to use a flat iron to flatten it and remember to set the flat iron on a low heat to avoid damaging your lace closure.

6. Compare To A Full Lace Wig

  As the name shows, a full lace wig is made by full lace. That means the lace area of a full lace wig is bigger than other lace wigs. Also, a full lace wig will be more breathable and lighter. A full lace wig is full around the scalp, so it is more versatile, you can do more hairstyles, like ponytails, up-dos, etc. Besides, the bigger lace area a full lace wig has, the more expensive its price will be.

Lace Wigs VS Lace Frontal Wigs VS Lace Closure Wigs

7. Where To Get These Lace Wigs?

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