What Length Of Wig Do Women Often To Buy?

Feb 12, 2021 9:21:00 AM

What Length Of Wig Do Women Often To Buy?

  Hair length is one of the options you have to make when ordering a wig. Normally a hair wig can be divided into three different hair length levels: mid-length, long-length, short-length. What length of wig do women often to buy? How to measure the correct wig hair length? How to choose the right hair length wig for yourself? All the questions will be answered in today's article.

1. Three Different Hair Length Levels

  Firstly, I will introduce below three different hair length levels for all of you. Different hair lengths have different feelings. All the women have their own choices, they always choose different hair lengths to match their changeable daily looks. Women care about fashion, beauty, warmth, and comfy, all are necessary.

1.1 Mid-length wigs - 20inch

  Mid-length is a good choice if people don’t know what kind of hair length is suitable for them. Mid-length is not as long as long-length, also is not as short as short-length. The mid-length can match most people and most styles. If you are looking for something priced in the middle or easy match. Choosing a mid-length hair wig will never let you down.

1.2 Long-length wigs - 30inch

  Considering the circumstances, because it's winter now. What most girls are after is to both keep warm and fashionable on a winter day. These long-length hair wigs are suitable for you now. Getting a long-length hair wig to celebrate the spring festival.

  This Long Curly Hair Wig maybe a good choice for girls who want to get a long hair wig.

What Length Of Wig Do Women Often To Buy?

1.3 Short-length wigs - 10inch

  The short-length wigs have different feelings to the above long-length hair wigs. Short-length hair wigs always show people clean and chic looks. Sometimes it is also cute and active. Besides, short hair wigs are easier to maintain. And the price of a short length hair wig is also more affordable than other long hair wigs. You can consider the short bob wigs.

What Length Of Wig Do Women Often To Buy?

2. How to measure the wig length

  Before choosing the hair length of wigs, you should know how to measure the wig length properly first. Two hair wigs have the same hair lengths but different hair textures. The hair length of a wavy hair wig will look shorter than a straight hair wig. Why could this be? This is principal because of the difference in measuring methods. Below is the correct measurement method, please kindly read carefully.

2.1 The length of wigs should be measured from head spin to the longest length hair at the bottom.

What Length Of Wig Do Women Often To Buy?

2.2 The length of wavy hair wigs needs to be stretched to straight, then measure.

What Length Of Wig Do Women Often To Buy?

2.3 For the same hair length in different styles, the hair length would look different. So hair of tighter curly/wave would look shorter.

3. How to choose the right length for yourself

  In West Kiss hair, we have offered various hair length options of every hair wig to let you choose. Choosing a hair length to suit your particular needs. Which hair length fits you well will always be the best decision for you.

  Numerous factors have to be taken into consideration when selecting hair length. Like seasons, your daily looks, variant occasions you will attend, etc.

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