How to get rid of static electricity on human hair wig!

Mar 28, 2023 8:07:00 PM

How to get rid of static electricity on human hair wig

In winter or dry environments, static electricity will bring us trouble. Hair production occurs in most of us and affects our hair and even our wigs. Whether we wear lace wigs is not the key factor that causes static hair.

Drying is the main culprit of static electricity generated by hair. When moisture cannot penetrate the hair owing to the accumulation of organic silicon or other hair products, static electricity will be generated. When you have put on your wavy lace frontal wig and beautiful clothes, and plan to go to a friend's party; however, your hair gets stuck in your eyelashes or sticks to your cheek. What an awkward situation!


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If you also have hair static problems, there are many ways to help you smooth your hair.

The first and simplest way to eliminate static electricity is to use water. Whether hairstyle or wig density, water is always a useful tool. Dip a little water on your hand and rub it evenly on your hair to ensure that the hair generating static electricity is completely smeared with water. It is best to put water in a spray bottle and use it without rubbing your fingers.


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Apply Anti-Static Mist

Use antistatic products, hair gel, mousse, and wax to moisturize and keep hair moist. Anti-static fog is the killer of curly hair, which has an immediate effect on smoothing and smoothing our hair.

Use a Humidifier

A humidifier is an indispensable tool in people's rooms, which can make the room moist. It can also eliminate the static electricity problem of hair because the static electricity will be broken by water molecules in the air.

Use an anion hair dryer

It is a natural scientific phenomenon that hair generates static electricity. In this phenomenon, the electrons of one object are transferred to another. If the electrons are lost, they are positive. If the electrons are obtained, they are negative, and the object carries static electricity. If the air is wet, these charges may disappear, but when there is no water in the air, such as in winter, these charges will make your hair repel each other like a magnet. Anion hair dryer is a useful tool to prevent static electricity in hair. The anion hair dryer can neutralize the positrons in the hair through its negative ions, thus successfully avoiding static electricity.

Dry your hair with a towel

After washing the wig, people always use an air dryer to help it dry briefly. However, too frequent use of heating tools will lead to dry and curly hair and may lead to friction electrification. In addition, do not use a hair dryer. Try to squeeze the moisture on the wig with a coarse material towel instead of rubbing it vigorously.


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The following two tips are how to remove or reduce electrons from hair.

Try A Wooden Comb

Choosing the right comb plays an important role in avoiding static electricity. Throw away your plastic comb and buy a new wooden comb. The plastic comb will generate weak electricity, and if the air is dry, it is easy to generate static electricity in the hair. Wood combs have the same ability to retain electrons as hair, so they rarely generate static electricity, thus reducing the amount of static electricity in hair.

Using metal hangers for wigs and clothing

Metals can release electric current and help eliminate static electricity. It is also worth noting that not only the hair has static electricity, but also the clothes will produce static electricity. When you are storing beautiful wigs, it is a good choice to hang them on a metal hanger. More importantly, you can put your clothes on the hangar at night and shake them a few times in the morning. Becausehuman hair wigs will rub against the clothes and generate electricity, the fewer electrons on the clothes, the less static electricity is generated by the hair.

Regularly care and moisturize hair

In the final analysis, the main cause of static electricity is the dehydration of hair. Moisturizing conditioners can keep hair moist and prevent hair from dehydration in case of weather changes. Apply a small amount of hair conditioner containing vegetable oil and sufficient water to the hair and comb it. To provide deeper nutrition for the hair, please replenish the water for the wig every week and deeply care for the hair with coconut oil or arginine oil to keep the hair moist. No matter where the human wig comes from, the hair is prone to generate static electricity due to dry air and dry hair. As a beginner, you can try the above steps and carefully care for your hair according to your hair condition. We can promise here that these techniques are desirable to solve the problem of hair static electricity and the awkward situation caused by it.

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