How To Style A Curly Human Wig

May 25, 2021 12:59:48 AM

How To Style A Curly Human Wig?

Real human hair lace front wigs in the texture of curly have been in high demand in the wigs market since they appeared, which would attribute to the versatility of its curls. Curls represent natural beauty and make you embrace the hair's uniqueness. You can wear them as voluminous and big as you want, and straighten them for a super sleek style. Dying the desired color or changing the hair length for different styles sounds cool. One curly human hair wig gives you the chance to experience varieties of curl patterns from wavy soft curls to tighter kinky curls. Now, let's check the magical curly lace wig and learn the tips of styling wig.

Make a curly wig straight

You have to make good preparation to avoid any kind of heat damage before straightening the curly wave. Here are the tools you might use during the process of flattening: flat iron, wide-tooth comb, heat protectant spray, blow dryer.

make curly wigs straight

Step 1. Start with a freshly washed curly hair wig. After shampooing the wig, using the conditioner to maintain the hair moisturized, then adding a heat protectant spray to keep your hair from heat damage.

Step 2. Place the wig on a mannequin head and blow dry portion by portion, use your fingers or brush to comb the hair from top to end and make sure the hair tangles free, knots free. Apply some straightening cream to the hair for a flat iron.

Step 3. Test the heat temperature first in the hair section that's ignored and ensure it's moderate to your hair. Set the right heat degree to straighten the hair in case of hair strands breaking.

Step 4. Divide the hair into small pieces, then use some clips or hair ties to hold the other portions while beginning to straighten the first section. The chasing method, taking a comb and running it in the front of the flat iron, will help the hair keep stretched and reduce knots forming. Repeat until all hair has been straightened! Once the first part is done, move on to the rest parts with the same method.

After steps are finished, the curly virgin human hair wig has been changed into a sleek straight hair wig. If you want to maintain straight hair in place, a hairspray will be ideal to opt for. Remember that too much spray will make the hair stiff. Alright, that's the brief tutorial for straightening the curly hair, hope it's helpful to you all.

Dye a curly wig

Select the color that suits you, before dyeing the hair, you should read the instructions or watch some tutorial videos about how to tint hair. Applying color directly on the wig with a comb or hands is widely known, let's check it out. Dyeing hair has the same preparation as straightening hair.

dye curly wigs

Step 1. Start with a clean wig. Mix the hair dye and hair developer in a glass bowl according to the package directions

Step 2. Place the wig on a wig holder. Spread the dye on the hair and make sure to cover all strands. If you like an ombre color, the hair roots remain black. If you prefer pure color, you should heed the lace and knots while tinting hair roots.

Step 3. Leave the dye on the hair for a few minutes. Rinse the hair with warm water until it gets clean. As to ombre color hair, you can use foil to coat a few strands of hair if you feel like a kind of stand-out.

Step 4. Condition the hair. After washing the wig, let it air dry or blow dry.

A new wig was born. With the attractive color and fashionable hair texture, you will be shining in the crowd. There are several styles for daily looks.

Top Bun. Putting the curly hair into a high bun would be stunning and give you a fresh & cool feel, especially in summer. The curly hair wigs are ideal to achieve this kind of style. You can wear it directly and let it loose, which looks lively and voluminous.

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